Elderly mother & daughter left traumatized following violent robbery in Grove


A 54-year-old woman and her 80-year-old mother are now traumatized after they were subjected to a brutal beating in their Grove, East Bank Demerara home on Tuesday morning at the hands of three young men, pretending to be customers.

The woman, Sherry Narine was audibly distressed during a telephone interview with Inews on Wednesday.

Narine would sell shopping bags in the Stabroek Market for a living, and when she’s home, she would vend small quantities of rice, sugar, drink and other grocery items.

Based on information gathered, the incident occurred at around 09:00hrs on the day in question. Narine said that three young men called at her gate to purchase a drink. She recalled that since she had no shop in front of her home, she went into her house to bring out the item. However, the three reportedly followed her in.

It was then that one of the perpetrators grabbed on to her mother, and the other two approached her from behind and reportedly bashed her head with a heavy object.

The trio then proceeded to beat the mother and daughter, while threatening to shoot them.

Narine tearfully told this online publication that her head started to bleed profusely from the beatings, which she said continued until the men demanded that she hand over all her valuables.

The three bandits reportedly fled the scene with $100,000 in cash and two gold rings.

The woman who was more concerned about her mother than herself, immediately rushed the 80-year-old to the Diamond Diagnostic Center where they were both treated. She then reported the incident to the Diamond-Grove Police Station.

She ruefully noted that since moving into Grove back in 2002, she has been robbed over six times and all occasions, she has never received justice.

Narine explained that she has given up on the media and police, since “no one seems to care.”

“I am afraid. I’m alone here. Nobody helps me. I took a few of my cries to other media houses and nothing. The police don’t care. They ignore me,” she said.

When Inews contacted the Diamond-Grove Police Station regarding the issue, no information was granted.

However, Narine said that she subsequently received a call from the Grove police informing her that they apprehended a suspect based on the description that she provided of their attackers.

Narine explained, that the officer informed her, that the apprehended attacker is expected to appear at the Providence Magistrates’ Court tomorrow for the crime committed, as investigations continue. (Ramona Luthi)


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