El Salvador ex-President Saca arrested on fraud charges


(BBC) El Salvador’s former President Elias Antonio Saca has been arrested on charges of embezzling millions of dollars of public funds.

Prosecutors say six former officials in his government were also held.

Elias Antonio Saca was El Salvador's president in 2004-09
Elias Antonio Saca was El Salvador’s president in 2004-09

Mr Antonio Saca, 50, has not publicly commented on the accusations. He held office from 2004 to 2009.

He is one of three former presidents – who were in power in the last 16 years – currently under investigation by the country’s prosecutors.

Mauricio Funes, who succeeded Mr Antonio Saca and left office in 2014, is facing a civil action in connection with funds discovered in his bank accounts, allegedly obtained illegally.

He is also facing a related investigation into possible political corruption during his time in office.

Mr Funes denies the accusations.

In January, Francisco Flores died from a stroke as he waited his trial on charges of embezzlement and illegal enrichment.

He was in power from 1999 to 2004.


  1. ”Witch-hunting”……definitely not! These Public officials worldwide think that unconscionable enrichment is ”cool”…….My Guyanese politicians scream ”witch-hunting”……seems as if they had a ”birth” right to our patrimony…….Bring it on and let the ”legal luminary” spin them out of their way to the ”slammer”.


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