Editor’s Note: iNews rejects Kaieteur News’ accusations


iNews Guyana (www.inewsguyana.com) has observed an article in Thursday’s edition of the Kaieteur News (February 27) under the headline: “Car accident involving Finance Minister…Inewsguyana report signals rift between government ministers – Opposition”.

As editor, I would like to make it abundantly clear that iNews Guyana is not in the business of targeting any government minister, as we provide fair and balanced coverage to everyone, including the Opposition political parties.

Our editorial team will not be emasculated by the political mischief which the Kaieteur News’ team seeks to create. The article quoted Opposition Member, Joseph Harmon as saying, “Inews which is reportedly owned by Robert Persaud has on his online news site the incident and it was a surprise to many opposition members.”

However, when I contacted Mr. Harmon on Thursday morning, he denied giving such statement to the Kaieteur News. The Kaieteur News also reported that iNews Guyana stated in its article that the Finance Minister was drunk when the accident occurred.

It appears as if the Kaieteur News’ writer does not have a clear understanding of the English Language as our story on the accident clearly stated, “Eyewitnesses told iNews that the Minister APPEARED to be under the influence of alcohol.” Does this mean that the Minister was drunk?

Additionally, it must be pointed out that almost all other news outfits published the story of the Finance Minister’s accident EXCEPT the Kaieteur News.

One begs to question then the motives of Adam Harris and Glenn Lall. In this regard, as Editor, I take umbrage to the malicious accusations published in today’s article and the iNews Guyana team will continue to execute its journalistic responsibility.

 Thank you.

Fareeza Haniff


iNews Guyana.



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