ECD man stabbed to death; police hunting 3 suspects

Dead: Trevoltor Mangal

Police on the East Coast of Demerara are on the hunt for three male suspects following the death of a man, who was stabbed in his chest.

Dead is Trevoltor Mangal, a 25-year-old Labourer of Gandhi Street, Enterprise, East Coast Demerara.

The incident occurred at about 19:00h on Saturday at Park Street, Enterprise.

Mangal’s mother, Nalanie Chand, told investigators that her son left home at about 17:00h on Saturday.

It is alleged that at about 18:30h, Trevoltor entered a bar in Park Street, Enterprise where he purchased a beer and sat outside the bar. About ten minutes later, the three suspects came to the bar, went to a pool table, and began a game pool. All three suspects are frequent customers at the bar.

The Bartender claimed to have overheard Trevoltor arguing with one of the three suspects over a motorcycle. Shortly after, the three suspects left, heading west on Park Street, and Trevoltor subsequently followed.

At about 19:00h, residents standing on the road observed the three suspects running from the southern direction, chasing Trevoltor. They caught up with Trevoltor, and a ‘scuffle’ occurred. Trevoltor managed to escape his attackers and ran east through Forbes Street towards the bar (they were at earlier) with the three suspects chasing him.

Trevoltor ran and stood in front of the bar on the road and called out to the bartender, after which he collapsed and lost consciousness.

The suspects, upon seeing Trevoltor collapse, escaped the scene.

Trevoltor was picked up by a Police mobile anti-crime patrol in an unconscious state. His body was examined, and a single stab wound to the chest was observed. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was seen by a Doctor on duty and pronounced dead on arrival.

The body was taken to the GPHC, awaiting a Post-Mortem Examination.

Several people were questioned, which led to the information of the suspects’ names. However, they are yet to be arrested.