Ebola outbreak in the Caribbean could cause mass migration – US military official


Ebola[www.caribbean360.com] – Head of the United States Southern Military Command, (SOUTHCOM), warned that an Ebola outbreak in Central America or the Caribbean could trigger a mass migration to the United States.

Marine Gen. John F. Kelly also implied that established Central American illegal trafficking networks could introduce the infected persons into the US.

“If it comes to the Western Hemisphere, the countries that we’re talking about have almost no ability to deal with it — particularly in Haiti and Central America,” said Kelly during remarks at a panel Tuesday on security issues in the Western Hemisphere at the National Defense University.

“It will make the 68,000 unaccompanied minors look like a small problem,” he added. “I think you’ve seen this so many times in the past, when in doubt, take off,” he said.

According to the US Naval Institute’s online news and analysis portal (USNI News), although an ocean away from Ebola hotspots in West Africa, a growing number of West Africans are using the illicit trafficking routes through Central America to enter the US illegally and could introduce the disease in the US.

The US has sent 4,000 troops to West Africa to assist countries in dealing with the Ebola outbreaks in the region.

“The five services of the US military will get it done and be a large solution to this problem,” said Kelly, adding that SOUTHCOM is in regular contact with AFRICOM in the event of the worst-case outcome.

“We’re watching what US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is doing and their plan will be our plan,” he said. “The nightmare scenario, I think, is right around the corner.”



  1. I often wonder why US military are in parts of the world other than their own land. They always seem to have an ulterior motive.

  2. The Opposition do not want to pass the money laundering Bill. This means more unwanted people coming to our land.

  3. all or most of the vaccines are now manufactured in the USA.

    this is billion dolla business sah.

    do you wonder why US fighter jets are in West Africa?

  4. The president have to do more for guyanes people, stop all loops holes ,i was home recently the country is full of Chinese and Brazilians they take over the country now, i remember back in the day that could have never happened, where is my beautiful country heading.

  5. There are speculations on the radio that by this time next year twenty thousand people will die from Ebola.
    People can flock to Guyana’s interior and wait it out. I know people who live on farms and only come out to town once per month.

  6. the authority have to keep all eye wide open for those that are entering the country illegally..some africans were caught in guyana not so long ago..one when asked how he got here said he walked..early one morning police surround a house that was rented..no one knew that these tenants were from africa..they never spoke to anyone while living there..all what was seen was they were in and out with suitcases..very quiet people though nothing like them pnc ones…up to now no one know why police surround them..but they never came back there..some folks said they know it was for drugs and forgery so they were deported.

  7. @Skippy I agree. The migration of US citizens to the Caribbean seems a more likely scenario. It also seems a little more likely that one or more of those US citizens could bring ebola to us here in the Caribbean. Could only hope that the authorities in the Caribbean are taking precautions to prevent this. Americans have a way of letting their problems spill to the rest of the world.

  8. it’ll be more likely that the US folk might run away to these parts before it becomes a threat to them. no visa required.

  9. The Health authority in Guyana should pay heed to what the US is doing.
    We have thirty percent of people of African descent.
    There is also travelling and several kinds of interaction ongoing.
    People time to tighten your belts!


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