Ebola Outbreak: Guyana should fear the worst – says Retd Brigadier



By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Leader, David Granger
Opposition Leader, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In wake of the growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa and which has spread to other parts of the world with a suspected case being treated in neighbouring Brazil, Opposition Leader David Granger says Guyanese must bring pressure to bear on the government.

He said it is evident that measures need to be put in place to deal with the deadly virus should it make its way to Guyana.

“When you look at what is happening in West Africa, we need to start preparing now… given the experience with Chikungunya I think Guyana should fear the worst,” Granger said.

He said information coming out from the Ministry of Health on Chikungunya and measures to fight it have been very inconsistent and fears the same could happen when it comes to Ebola.

“Over the last three years I am dissatisfied with the public information posture of the Ministry of Health in terms of gastroenteritis, malaria and dengue,” he said; adding that “the Ministry has proven to be very unreliable in providing public warning and information.”

Speaking more specifically to the suspected case in Brazil, Granger said there is certainly the need for increased levels of surveillance.ebola-2

He said measures must be implemented to ensure that persons who are likely to be contaminated are screened and quarantined when entering the country.

“So far I have received no information of quarantine centers being set up and you know Guyanese are notorious for back tracking since there are many ports not under the control of the state… it’s a major task and soon as the
Ministry of Health latch onto the responsibility it will be better for all of us.”

Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran says that Guyana does not have the ability to test or treat patients for the disease.

Dr Ramsaran is reported to have said in one section of the media that surveillance has been increased at all ports, with doctors being deployed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

According to the article published by the Guyana Times, the Health Minister said that these doctors are on the lookout for passengers, Guyanese and non-Guyanese, coming into the country with any sign of the Ebola virus.

He said while Guyana does not have the capacity to carry out the test for this disease, medical officials have been adequately trained in identifying the signs of the disease.

The number of people killed in the Ebola outbreak has risen above 4,000, the World Health Organization has said.

The latest figures show there have been 8,376 cases and 4,024 deaths in the worst-affected West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The news comes as Liberian Parliamentarians refused to grant the president additional powers to deal with the Ebola crisis.






  1. I am in total agreement Guyana is in no way able to deal with another virus especially the Ebola virus. Even the USA etc. seems to have no clear cut answer to this epidemic as yet. You do not need a medical degree to know that when dealing with things such as this, the first step is to contain then control. When will these leaders who are supposed to be looking out for the welfare of the people remove their heads from their asses and work together so they can be a step ahead of this.

  2. Guyana’s government should hold off on allowing residents from the affected countries from entering the country.Guyana is in no way,shape or form equipped for the potential disaster this virus could wreak on the Guyanese population. We are suffering enough as it is.Checking for a temperature and rash will do very little to halt the spread of that awful sickness for which so far there is no cure.Please consider the move,so our people don’t suffer unnecessarily.

  3. I strongly agree with mr granger…… But our government waits until things happens then to act failed 2 prepare prepare 2 fail our mr of health need to stop saying that there is no test no screening in a nut shell stop thinking negative be positive an find a solution that will be the best thing this government ever done 4 our country

  4. This is not the time for political arguments, this is the time to get together and do what ever it takes to keep this disease out for the sake of the people we lead. and pray that it is halted and be gone from our brother and sisters in the Africa region. it is time for us to bombard the United Nations and The first world countries as they call them selves to bring a stop to this deadly disease. They have the means.

  5. No end to Guyanese suffering, we have yall politicians fuh deal with, we have mini bus, bandit, chicken with gun now Ebola. Father save us from the politicians.

  6. ArE we gonna use the Ebola virus to play politic games?? Come on ppl”! This is serious! The government as well as the opposition should get their acts together and Cooperate for crisis sakes! Not leave it up to one party! Is this how the opposition wants to run guyana? Mr granger do something too!

  7. Well Mr Granger, you finally showed up!
    The Ebola could have infected whole country without you making a statement.
    Anyway for your information, 4000 has already died.

  8. Come on people if we stop flights from Africa doesn’t mean we won’t be able to obtain it Ebola isn’t only in Africa it’s in other countries as well for example out neighbor brazil so therefore u people should stop anyone coming from there as well the ministry needs to get them self equipped to be able to screen n quarantine this disease they need to bring in professionals do handle any suspected case they need to get up and stop throwing blame at each other and put there act together n get the precautions in place as well as any qualified people to get the job done

  9. I strongly believe that the government of Guyana needs to start doing more for its people. So many people including seniors and children were and still very sick with the chikungunya virus. Now am sure more could have been done to protect these people anyway now that the government, doctors and other health officials are aware of how serious Ebola is and how many have died from it that they would do their best to make sure it does not get to Guyana because there is really no cure yet for this deadly virus. The government needs to stop all visitors entering Guyana from Africa and other countries where they be suspect the virus is.Mr. President and other members of Parliament please take this matter very seriously and start preparing for Ebola, please ask for help if you are not sure what to do and also please inform the Guyanse people about this and let them know what they can do to avoid getting this deadly virus… Thank you

  10. Well the government should listen to what Mr Granger is saying and they must act fast to prevent this deadly disease from entering guyana and atleast get doctors at every airport and docks checking on everyone coming in to the country…

  11. this government need to stop all plane that will be coming from south Africa because it you notices there alot of Africa people that come for study and other thing in our country and this government need to act fast with this serious disease


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