East Coast woman implicated in ‘oral sex for food’ probe

  • Vryheid’s Lust shopkeeper arrested for allegedly having two boys perform oral sex on her in return for food

By Kristen Macklingam

The fate of the woman who was arrested by police for allegedly having two little boys perform oral sex on her and in return she provided them with meals is yet to be decided upon as investigations continue into the ghastly matter.

 This is according to Commander of ‘C’ Division, Marlon Chapman, who told INews today that the woman, a shopkeeper, who hails from Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara (ECD) is still in police custody at the Sparendaam Police Station.

 If she is found guilty of the abovementioned crime(s) she can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act.

oh myReports are that the two boys are often left in the care of their relatives since their parents are hardly around and they would visit the woman’s shop requesting meals or snacks to eat when they were hungry.

 INews understands that this was when the woman allegedly told the young children that they would have to perform oral sex on her first before she gave them anything to eat.

 It is unclear at this point in time as to how long this may have been occurring. However, relatives of the two boys recently begun to question the children as to why they were visiting the woman’s shop so often.

 This was when they received the shocking revelation; that they perform oral sex on the shopkeeper and in exchange she would give them meals/snacks.

 Officials from the Child Protection Agency were notified of the incident and are said to be working along with the police to ensure that the children are safe and taken care of.

 Meanwhile, the ‘shoplady’ is said to be assisting investigators with the probe.


  1. Mothers or guardians must also not even trust some of their friends or baby sitters or sometimes even some of their own relatives when they are leaving their small child/children in their care. I had a female friend who told me that her fiancee told her that when he was young between 3 to 5 years old, his mother uses to leave him by her best friend who put him to oral sex her on numerous occasions and his mother never aware of this up to this day. These mother who left their children, whether male or female, under the care of others or after the children return from school every day should/must find out what went on; whether they did well at school, they were bullied or molested or if anything affected or is affecting them. The aunts and female relatives of these two boys should have put a good trashing on this shop keeper before handing her over to the police.


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