East Coast minibus conductor hangs self


A father of eight was found hanging from the rafter of his Foulis, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home earlier today. The man has been identified as Vishal Babooram, 33, who is a minibus conductor by profession.

suicideINews understands that the now dead man reportedly went home on Tuesday evening in a drunken state and had an argument with his wife. This resulted in her leaving their home with their children.

The shocking discovery was made this morning by neighbours who raised an alarm.

Reports are that Babooram and his wife had frequent domestic disputes. According to a relative of the dead man, he (the relative) received the message of Babooram’s death hours after the body had been cut from the rafter.

The aggrieved relative stated that he was not sure what caused the argument on this occasion between the couple, but the wife claimed that Babooram went home under the influence of alcohol. She only learnt of her husband’s death following the discovery of the body this morning.






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