East Canje man chopped to death during confrontation

Dead Alex Williams

A young mason from Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) was fatally chopped on Saturday night during a confrontation with a group of his friends who reported “violated” him.

Dead is 24-year-old Alex Williams of lot 383 Rampersaud Street, Number Two Village East Canje, Berbice.

The incident occurred sometime between 21:30hrs and 22:00hrs on Saturday.

Williams was chopped to his neck by one of three attackers. Another one hit him in the head with a Guinness bottle. He died shortly after reaching the New Amsterdam Hospital, which was some 800 meters away.

His father Mohammed Ishmael told this publication that Alex was at home consuming alcohol and left to go to a shop a few buildings away to purchase cigarettes and some beers.

The man recalled that when his son returned home, he told him that he was disrespected by some young man.

“I was home sleeping when Alex came and told me that someone violated him on the road and he was going back to them. He asked me if I coming. I told him, “yes”, but I have to put on my clothes but before I could finish putting on my clothes he already gone.”

According to Ishmael, when he got on the road his son was being approached by a young man who he referred to as “Gully” carrying two sealed bottles of Guinness. The man said he tried to calm down the young man, who is known to them.

“I said to him, you know Alex and you know me. Why are you all violating him what is the problem? ‘He say he don’t want to hear anything’,” the father revealed, adding that another one of the attackers then confronted his son.

“’Germs’ came out with 2 bottles of Guinness and dealt Alex one pelt in his face with full power. I heard the explosion of the bottle when it hit him in his head. Alex dropped to the ground on his knees and then ‘Black Boy’ [another attacker] run out from the shop with a stainless steel cutlass and dealt Alex several chops.”

Among the chops was one to his neck which is being considered the fatal blow.

Ishmael recounted that despite being injured, his son was even more motivated to get revenge from his attackers

“Alex get up and rushed at them but I saw the wounds on his skin and told him that he is wounded very bad let me take you to the hospital. Do not worry with them.”

The father related that he took his shirt and tried to cover the wound on his son’s neck as they tried to get a vehicle to take them to the hospital, which was about a two-minute drive away. Five minutes later, they were on their way.

“While in the vehicle, I see his eyes start turning over and I told him, ‘Alex hold it up! We are almost at the hospital. When I was taking him out to put him on the stretcher I see like he was going already. By that time the nurse came out and took the stretcher and carried him inside. Not even five minutes after the nurse came back and said that he already died, Ishmael recounted.

Meanwhile, one of the three suspects has been arrested and is in custody assisting with police investigations.