Ease of doing business in Guyana to be improved this year – President Granger

Minister Dominic Gaskin

President David Granger, during his public address to the nation at Parliament last week, pointed out that the Ministry of Business will be working to improve the ease of doing business in Guyana.

President David Granger
President David Granger

The Head of State said the ministry will be working to “attract increased foreign and local investment; support the development and export of value-added industries and products; support industrial development through the establishment of industrial estates; encourage small – and micro-enterprises and revitalise our village economies.”

The ministry will continue to support the traditional sectors of the economy and create favourable conditions for investors, Granger said. President Granger stated that the government will pursue economic diversification, “augment value-added industries and introduce new developmental portals”. Focus will be on reducing Guyana’s vulnerability by expanding the economy into the services sector and building strong tourism and hospitality industries by developing a diversified mix of tourism products, he added.

Earlier this month, in an interview with GINA, subject Minister Dominic Gaskin pointed out that the “The year 2016 will see the Ministry of Business making greater strides towards national development. It seeks to improve the ease of doing business as measured by the World Bank Doing Business Index; boost value added exports by assisting manufacturers to become more export ready; increase the number of small businesses accessing services and credit through the Small Business Bureau; the reform of GO-Invest; and increase the transparency of regulatory policies.”

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin
Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin

The ministry will also be placing great emphasis on the completion of several projects inherited from the previous administration including the Lethem Industrial Estate which commenced approximately 10 years ago, but is still incomplete.

The ministry will be focusing on the completion of other projects including plantation chip factories and two call centers.



  1. The people had enough empty talk from a regime who simply don’t know what to do. Do you really think you can continue to pacify Guyanese with false statements forever???? Soon a year will be up, when would your government stop talking and promising and start doing some work???? Dominic Gaskin is already an abysmal failure. Talk, talk, more talk after that is more talk. Talk will not show any change.

  2. Who will want to do business there no one in their right senses. I wanted to return and invest. After watching and observing what is going on in Guyana I have changed my mind. There is no way i will be returning there. I value my life and value my hard earn money. God bless that country with that dictatorship. They are all clueless and worse is yet to come. Mark my words. Some people are just ashame to admit

  3. Ease of doing business in Guyana to be improved this year – President Granger
    Jim Jones did big business in Guyana under King Kabaka dictatorship.
    Those are the only kind of business PNC can attract since most busiess people know PNC sordid past atrocities on business people and like 90% of all Guyanese.

  4. Doing business in Guyana is like doing business with the Devil. Who in them righted sense will want to do business in Guyana knowing the country’s situation where crime, theft and murder is at it highest rate in the Caribbean.

  5. Dominic Gaskin and the PNC are failing and will continue to fail because the PNC doesn’t understand the world, so said a pastor by the name of James David Manning. The PNC has started to closed down business and Factories. The PNC tried their best to close down the Berbice river bridge. The PNC is planning to sell the Marriott hotel and then squander the money and lead Guyana into a bankrupt stage.


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