Early morning fire destroys teacher’s apartment at NA house

The destroyed apartment

A fire of unknown origin destroyed the bottom flat of a New Amsterdam, Berbice house early this morning.

The house was occupied by a 28 year-old teacher, Mehelia McAlmont and 44 year-old Dexter Lucious, a seaman.

The building was a two-story wooden and concrete building located in the southwestern side of SStanleytown. However, the apartment where the firearm started was occupied by the teacher.

McAlmont told the police that she was at home preparing for a birthday party for the following day when she observed smoke coming from the northwestern side of her apartment and raised an alarm.

The neighbour along with her landlord came out and attempted to douse the flames, but this attempt was proven futile.

The fire service was summoned and was able to extinguish the fire before it engulf further and did any major damage to the upper flat.

The police was summoned, promptly responded and an investigation was launched.