Early elections date will not be “recklessly” set – Luncheon

Head of the Defense Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Head of the Defense Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon.

[www.inewsgauya.com] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon today (Wednesday, December 10), assured reporters that President Donald Ramotar has recognized the necessity of engaging the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) in setting a date for general elections.

On Saturday Last, President Ramotar announced that Guyanese will vote in early general and regional elections to elect a new government come next year – 2015.

The President said that that he will announce a date early in the New Year. To this end, Dr. Luncheon guaranteed that that date will not be recklessly set “neither is the President inclined”; adding that the administration will engage GECOM forthrightly and in a transparent manner.

“This will ensure that complications would arise with a date GECOM would not be comfortable with,” Luncheon said adding that “whenever he announces a date, take it for granted that that day and his announcement could only have been done after confirmation with GECOM about its readiness for D – Day.”

The Cabinet Secretary further explained: “you cannot be set a date without the collaborations with GECOM because GECOM’s timetabling of the preliminary events would be what is needed to have d – day as the real d – day so that people don’t holler oops we need a week more.”

Mr. Ramotar had given his commitment to consult with the Guyana Elections Commission on its readiness to hold elections.

It seems all political Parties are in agreement that early general elections, which are not constitutionally due until November 2016, would break the current political gridlock.

GECOM however is currently rolling out its 7th cycle of continuous registration with its first week seeing some 925 new registrants, while 222 persons have made corrections to their information and there were 152 transfers.

This is not expected to end until February 2015.



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    Mr. ……. Always know that you and I, “Are all branches of the tree of Humanity” So you see I cannot hate you because you are black/brown, poor, PNC/AFC, or ungodly. Hey, we are all Guyanese you know! I know how to tolerate a constructive criticism, but the hate is what we need to avoid. I despise wickedness, liars, murderers, distorted minds, evils……………
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  4. Early Elections It will be! The PPP is now going to bring home the majority, Only this time the PPP will push for 53%. The PNC/AFC have done every single thing they know to stymie Growth and Development, but still our economist excelled. History will show that PNC was/is driven by an evil force, and PNC will never change. Come next Elections we will be videoing everything. Those of us who doesn’t yet have smart phones, will garbage our present phones, and buy smart phones. We must be watchful, we must be vigilant, we ought to be extra careful, for the devil got many, many agents out there.
    Where is Trotman now? Who pulled the chair out from under him? Why the AFC wanted to kill the tenth Parliament? We will forever remember the AFC for their Arrogant, and reckless behaviors. Very soon the Democratic Elected President, will make his wise move, and the voters will speak very loud. Mark my words, it doesn’t matter what the election result would be, the PNC will still protest in the street!!
    RIGHT !! Why work, when you can protest? Work is hard!!


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