E-Networks launches Orange box; wants to tap into every home

The E-Networks team showing off the Orange Box.

By Jomo Paul

Askhok Persaud, Managing Director of E-Networks
Askhok Persaud, Managing Director of E-Networks

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The E-Networks Orange box is being pushed as the best offer of Internet Protocol Television (IP TV) to arrive in Guyana with one standard low payment and no monthly fees.

E-Networks officially launched the Orange Box on Monday November 16, with Managing Director, Vishok Persaud touting an every home agenda.

According to Persaud, E-Networks realized that while the service being offered to the Guyanese public at affordable costs, it was still out of reach for many persons.

Against this backdrop, the idea for the Orange Box was birthed and would provide ten free channels to subscribers.

The E-Networks team showing off the Orange Box.
The E-Networks team showing off the Orange Box.

At the launching, Persaud stated that “E-networks has been the pioneer of IPTV in Guyana, we have been at this for a number of years and I think we have significant space in the IPTV arena,” adding “by nature we want to have our product in every single household and that’s our long term goal.”

The said that the real aim of the Orange Box is to offer IPTV at a “get in price” so that “everybody could afford to have it.”

It’s just “one box, ten channels, no monthly fees.”

He stated that as part of the E-Networks line up, the company has developed three television stations that will feature prominently on the basic Orange Box Service.

“We will use it to have a mix of cover a wide range of programs – specialty events, sports, news, local programming so that people can enjoy a wide range of content without having the have the widest range of channels,” he stated.



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