Dynamic Airways is back; Fly Jamaica increases capacity


Fly-Jamaica[www.inewsguyana.com] – US carrier, Dynamic Airways made its return flight to Guyana on Saturday morning, while Jamaica-based airline landed its recently acquired Boeing 767 at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) the evening prior. The two companies have upped their service just in time for the upcoming Christmas season.

Fly Jamaica which is mainly owned by Guyanese couple, Ronald and Roxanne Reece recently acquired the second aircraft which will be in service alongside the company’s 757. The second aircraft is expected to increase capacity with addition seats and increased room space.

The long-range, wide-body twin-engine jet liner arrived Friday evening and is expected to conduct three flights weekly until operations are increased to accommodate travelers as the season picks up.

Fly Jamaica’s Director, told Guyana Aviation that the company is excited over the plane’s start up. Fly Jamaica offers flights from Guyana to Jamaica and New York with direct operations to Toronto, Canada. She explained that the Jamaica/ New York is the most fruitful, while adding that operations on the Canada leg is not as expected but should improve as the company moves forward with service promotion.Dynamic

Reece expressed concern over the financial difficulty that is faced over fuel prices. Guyana has been labeled as having the highest fuel prices in the Caribbean. Reece went on to state however that the airline’s operation is not subsidized, although there are occurrences where Caribbean governments assist airlines that do not contribute to the national growth.

Reece then reiterated her position that the Caribbean should support their own. In an earlier report, Reece had expressed her concern that Caribbean nationals should seriously consider supporting companies that directly service the region. She expressed that these are the companies that provide jobs and opportunities for natives. She stated that currently, in Guyana alone, Wings Aviation has an excess of 30 staffers while more than 40 service Fly Jamaica. However on the Jamaican leg, the company employs more than 200 persons.

Fly Jamaica’s Boeing 767 300ER seats 246; 12 business, 234 economy. The company will be providing special offers including additional luggage at a “reasonable” rate.

Dynamic Airways despite their unfavourable start earlier in the year, was ecstatic to be back in the market. The company secured its pass from the US authorities to ply the New York/Guyana route. They secured, also, approval from local authorities to operate until June next year.

They will operate non-scheduled flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to CJIA in Guyana. Flights are expected to operate four times a week. The local handler for Dynamic told Guyana Aviation.

Caribbean Airlines, Fly Jamaica and Dynamic are the main companies in the major Guyana/ New York market. After Dynamic Airways’ misfortunes and the pull out of Travel Span, passengers were concerned that heavy airfares would have met them, especially since this time last year; persons were paying as much as US$1000 to travel between Guyana and New York. [This article first appeared on www.guyanaaviation.com]



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