Dynamic Airways ‘exceptionally on time’ – Gouveia


…says to allegations of prolonged delays

Responding to allegations of prolonged delays and continuous cancellations in flights, Guyanese franchise holder of Dynamic International Airways boasted a 95 per cent on time rate for operations to and from Guyana for 2017 thus far.

Captain Gerald Gouveia, the local franchise holder for Dynamic International Airways, addressing the recruitment ceremony hosted at Duke Lodge on Friday

This announcement was made by Captain Gerald Gouveia, the local franchise holder for Dynamic International Airways, who was at the time speaking at a recruitment ceremony hosted at the Duke Lodge on Friday.

When questioned about the complaints from customers who were left stranded at airports both in Guyana and the United States on several occasions, the Captain responded, “Dynamic has actually, for this year, been operating with a 95 per cent on time departure. We have probably had one flight cancelled for this year. Dynamic has been exceptionally on time.”

Gouveia noted that while the airline, like any other, has had some interruptions in operations in the past, Dynamic has seen an improvement from what was recorded in the last year.

The Captain laid out, “In 2016 Dynamic operated 224 flights. Dynamic had 190 of those flights operated on time plus 30 minutes. Dynamic has had 30 flights operated late more than 30 minutes but if you understand that a 80 per cent on time departure is exceptional in the airline industry across the world. So far in 2017, we operated 100 flights; we probably had one cancelled flight.”

Gouveia further stated that the international air carrier even came to the rescue to other carriers when they had experienced disruptions in their services. “There have been many delays by other airlines as well and Dynamic has actually been coming to the rescue of those airlines but it is amazing that the media don’t seem to pick that up,” the franchise holder noted.

Moreover, Captain Gouveia reiterated that Dynamic entered Guyana at a time when ticket prices had sky-rocketed and assisted in the stabilising of airfare to and from Guyana.

“I always make the point that when Delta Airlines left Guyana many years ago ticket prices had raised from US$700 to US$1700. And when Dynamic entered this market, we were able to, for the last three-and-a-half years, to stabilise those prices.” He went on to say that, “We are also very pleased to contribute affordability to the number of Guyanese living in the Diaspora  to come back to Guyana.”

Moreover, the proud businessman highlighted that his franchise is not only in the travel industry but added, “the difference with Dynamic is that we are not only doing flights, we intend to contribute in real ways to Guyana’s economic development, by promoting tourism products here in Guyana and by employing Guyanese.”

He even questioned, “How many other airlines have you seen that actually went out and hire Guyanese flight attendants?” It was at the very event that Dynamic Airline added 25 Guyanese as recruits to serve on their cabin crew, leading to a total of about 56 young Guyanese that where offered employment with the international carrier.

With that, Gouveia noted the Dynamic aims to increase their services offered to Guyanese. He pointed out that, “We moved 80,000 passengers between Guyana and New York in 2016,” and continued, “We’ve moved approximately 35,000 passengers between New York and Guyana and back to New York,” for 2017 thus far.

Dynamic International Airways in their efforts to better serve Guyanese is looking to add China to their list of destination. Further, the carrier is working to introduce daily flights to replace the current five days per week operations.


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