Dying Brooklyn man makes plea to see Guyanese sister after embassy denies visa

Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Christopher Robinson is in the final stages of a rare and deadly form of renal cancer.

His health is deteriorating so rapidly that the staff and family quickly arranged his wedding two days ago to his long time love and the mother of his 2-year-old son, CJ.

Now he has one more wish, to see his older sister, 27-year-old Michelle Robinson, a citizen of Guyana whom he hasn’t seen in two decades.

“I really want to see her before I get sicker,” Christopher told PIX11.

“He really loves his sister,” Christopher’s wife added.

Christopher’s wife and mother are by his side constantly as they received the disappointing news that the US Embassy in Guyana turned down Michelle Robinson’s visa request.

“All I ask is that my daughter get a visa because that’s all my son is asking for, his last wish,” Cherise Robinson, Christopher’s mother, said.

Christopher’s sister spent $200 on her visa application.

She also has two young children in Guyana that she’ll be leaving behind with her mother there’s no doubt that she’d be returning to her native country.

PIX11 reached out to Senator Chuck Schumer’s office about Robinson’s visa application.

A spokesperson told PIX11 that the senator will do all he can to help bring the siblings together.[ MANHATTAN BEACH, Brooklyn (PIX11)]



  1. I am so happy she get to come n see you god bless you and the USA and the one who give the visa to her god bless America


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