Duo robbed of laptop, cellphone during attack by armed bandits


A 42-year-old security guard and his 27-year-old acquaintance were on Thursday evening robbed of one Toshiba Laptop and a mobile phone while in the vicinity of High and Princes Street, Georgetown.

According to information received, at around 20:30hrs, the victims- who both reside at the Sea Island Hotel- were engaged in a conversation outside of the hotel when three unmasked men- one of whom was brandishing a gun- approached them from a southern direction on High Street.

The armed perpetrator reportedly drew his weapon from his waist and pointed it at the duo, commanding that they remain quiet.

His two other accomplices then proceeded the search the victims, and relieved them of the stated articles before fleeing south on High Street, Georgetown then east along Princess Street, Georgetown on foot.

Investigations are on-going. (Ramona Luthi)


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