Duo in City Hall attempted murder, robbery under caution – investigator

Marisco George

As the trial of Marisco George and her alleged accomplice, John Caesar, continued at the High Court, Police investigator at the time Cedric Gravesande testified on Monday that both of the accused persons admitted guilt under caution by Police.

However, these revelations seemed to ignite an animated Caesar who sprang to his feet as the Policeman continued testifying. This was after he appeared to mouth at least one obscenity to Gravesande.

“This man is very Pythagoras, Judge,” Caesar told presiding Judge Sandil Kissoon in reference to Gravesande.

This comment prompted light laughter, but it was not too clear what he actually meant as Pythagoras was an ancient Greek philosopher. Moreover, Pythagoras Theorem is a principle in Mathematics. The Judge told the defendant to relay his objections through his attorney, Brandon De Santos.

Caesar and George are both accused of attempting to murder businesswoman Dhanmatee Phulchand in the course of a violent robbery committed at Reshma’s Collection Store in the City Mall in Georgetown on July 4, 2009. Earlier in the trial, Phulchand identified the duo as her attackers, having recognised both of them as they used to hang out at the Mall.

At Monday’s hearing, the Police witness told the 12-member jury that he was present when number one accused George gave her statement to Police at the Brickdam Police Station as well as when Caesar gave his one year later in June 2010 at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters.

According to Gravesande, George willingly gave her statement and elected Corporal Da Silva to write it for her. It was disclosed that she appeared to read it after the questioning was over. Gravesande added that at no time did they use force or threats on the accused young woman. The witness told the jury that George said to Da Silva: “Officer is me and a boy; me and he all right.”

He further explained that he cautioned Caesar with other ranks present and upheld his rights as a prisoner. He said the accused man selected him to write his confession for him. Gravesande related Caesar saying in 2010 that it was he and George who carried out the attack.

“Officer about a year ago Marisco friend, a man, tell me fo’ beat a lady in de Mall ‘cause he didn’t like her. I had a piece of wood and I lash she for about three minutes. I see Marisco with money in she hand and I tell she that it robbery. She gave me $60,000 and I hid the material. The lady know me ‘cause I used to go to the Mall,” his caution statement read.

Attorneys De Santos and Damien Da Silva, the latter who is representing George, both cross-examined the Police witness. State Counsels Abigail Gibbs and Narissa Leander appeared for the State. The matter continues before Justice Kissoon at the High Court.


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