Duo in City Mall attempted murder addresses court as Prosecution closes case

One of the accused, Marisco George

State Prosecutor, Abigail Gibbs on Wednesday closed the state’s arguments in the Marisco George and John Caesar High Court attempted murder case.

The duo was accused of trying to kill businesswoman Dhanmattie Pulchand during the commissioning of a robbery at the Reshma’s Collections Store at the City Mall on July 4, 2009.

The defendants both addressed the court telling the jury that they were not guilty of the crime.

George told the open court that she witnessed a man attacking Pulchand while she was at the store but Caesar on the other hand said he only knew of the crime when he was charged in the Magistrates court.

He said police had him sign a statement in relation to a missing cell phone.

It was reported that Phulchand was attacked when George went to her store and indicated that she wanted to purchase a pair of jeans. George subsequently told the businesswoman that she would get a friend to help her select the jeans.

The friend she brought, according to Phulchand, was Caesar, the number two accused, who had worked in a store at the very mall.

After trying on the jeans, George requested a bigger size. However, when Phulchand attempted to get the requested item, she was struck to her head with a heavy object.

After realising that it was Ceasar who had attacked her, Phulchand began to beg but was beaten mercilessly thus leaving her unconscious. The duo then relieved the woman of US$2000, a mobile phone and G$100,000.

After the men left, the woman was found lying on the floor and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPH) where she was hospitalised for a number of days.




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