Duo freed of murder of Brazilian gold miner

Roberto Miggins (left) and Quasi Benjamin

Roberto Miggins called “Hot Skull” and his accomplice Quasi Benjamin called “Rambo”, exited the courtroom of Justice Navindra Singh on Tuesday as free men, following a formal not guilty verdict which was delivered by the empanelled 12-member jury.

The trial, which commenced on Monday, was set for continuation on Tuesday, however, the State was not able to secure the court attendance of the key witness in the matter and thus had to close their case.

Since this was so, defence attorneys for their respective clients made no-case submissions to the court, which were later upheld by the trial judge who further instructed the jury to return a formal not guilty verdict, thus acquitting both accused of the murder charge.

Both Miggins and Benjamin denied the murder charge which had detailed that between October 12 and 13, 2016, they killed Mario Pozzer, also called “Gaucho”, in the course of/or furtherance of a robbery.

Miggins was represented by Attorney Adrian Thompson, while Benjamin was represented by Attorneys Ashley Henry in association with Nigel Hughes. On the other hand, the State’s case was led by Prosecutor Sarah Martin in association with Teriq Mohammed and Tuanna Hardy.

The trial revealed that the lifeless body of Pozzer was found lying next to his All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) that was used to exit the location of his mining business. According to the evidence, Pozzer’s employees were the ones who found his body with a wound to the head and belongings missing, inclusive of raw gold.

Investigations conducted led to the arrest of the two accused, who were charged for the offence in 2016.