Duo counting their losses as vehicle broken into on Vlissengen road

The vehicle that was broken into with the glass shattered

A 60-year-old pensioner and his 29-year-old daughter are now counting their losses after their Toyota Auris motorcar was broken into while it was parked opposite Survival Supermarket on Vlissengen road, Georgetown on Thursday afternoon.

The vehicle that was broken into

Speaking to INews, the young lady explained that her father- who was driving- parked at the said location at around 17:00hrs, and the duo left the locked motorcar to shop at the supermarket.

She recalled that she had left her handbag containing cash and valuables amounting to in excess of $30,000 in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

Fifteen minutes later, when the two returned to their vehicle, they immediately observed that the front passenger side window had been shattered and the handbag was missing.

Police were immediately informed and upon their arrival, they inspected the location.

The shattered front passenger side window

This online publication was told that the CCTV footage nearby, displayed a black motorcar with unrecognizable licence plates, driving and stopping along side the pensioner’s vehicle.

However, no one exited.

It is suspected that the perpetrator stretched over from his vehicle, broke the window, and grabbed the handbag which was in plain sight, before fleeing the scene.

Investigations are in progress. (Ramona Luthi)



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