Duo charged with Mahdia gang rape released on bail

The bite marks on the woman's body following the incident. [iNews' Photo]


The bite marks on the woman's body following the incident. [iNews' Photo]
The bite marks on the woman’s body following the incident. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Following weeks of protests by several rights advocacy groups, two men were yesterday charged for allegedly gang raping a Mahdia woman in September.

Mark Gobin and Deonand Persaud of Leonora and Zeeburg, West Coast Demerara appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to the offence of rape.

They were released on $100,000 bail each and are scheduled to re – appear in Court on November 10.

A number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) protested at the Ministry of Health’s Brickdam location on October 08, over what they deemed as the insensitive and unfair treatment of the rape victim.

The protest was spearheaded by Red Thread and supported by the Amerindian People’s Association (APA), Gay Rights advocacy group SASOD, Guyana Trans United and private citizens who are all calling for justice for the Amerindian woman, who claimed she was sexually violated by two popular businessmen in the interior location.

These NGOs said they were pushed to protest against the injustice after the police were seemingly taking sides with the perpetrators and recommendations were made by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to charge one of the men with assault instead of rape.

The alleged rape victim broke her silence in condemnation of her attackers and the role members of the Guyana Police Force played in protecting the alleged perpetrators.

The Amerindian mother of one explained that she was drugged and brutally raped by two popular businessmen in her community on September 27. She claims she knows who they are.

According to the woman, she was in a room, when one of the men entered and forced himself on her. She believes that she was drugged, as she claimed that she fell asleep, only to wake up and find another man having sex with her.

The woman, who is a domestic worker, said she tried to fight off her attackers but could not manage because she felt weak.

“He take off my clothes and started to have sex with me, I told him not to do it but he still keep on doing it”, she said.

She said she was severely bitten by the men. Following the incident, she said she told a co – worker, who took her to the hospital and the police station.

They were both brought to Georgetown by President of the Women Miner’s Association, Simona Bromes.


  1. if you were never in the position of the abused, you never know what she went through… she could have been confused scared and many other things could have contributed to her asorted recollection of what happened to her. my point is you were not there so you should not be so quick to assume that she was lying….

  2. people all of us no rape is rape but don’t accuse the wrong set of people i am not trying to defend him but then again she need to speak the truth and about the biting those who did should off coursed pay for being the devil i agreed with the public with what is going on we should be punished for our wrong doing but at the same time do it the right way if she was so telling the truth how come she give three different statements someone is paying her off to tell a lie i am thinking …. that they need to get the fact straight it could have been me there …….

  3. So um Roshnie lets say they were indeed “carrying it on” like u mentioned and she didnt want to have sex at that time but he still forced himself on her, You dont consider that as rape either?????……. let me enlighten you. Rape is Rape. as long as a woman says no and you still force yourself on her it is called rape,,, whether it be a stranger, your father, uncle, your boyfriend or even your husband….. as long as there was any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person it is called RAPE……………………………………….so dont come here wit dt bullshit about “may be she did not want to have sex at dt time” nonsense…… They raped d girl end of story case close and if it were up to me torture wouldve been my way of punishment…. so you Roshnie kindly hold a decent fork off with a sprinkle of shut the hell up……

  4. roshnie u were there..oh yeah u were..maybe u got bitten too but ashamed to say thats why u know this woman consented to your family biting her while raping her..if u like it rogh that does not mean she likes it rough too..u get it??? stop your nonsense..

  5. sounds like u love it rough..she consented to biting you big dumblell..its your family..u have all rights to defend your family but here is not the place for your filth..how many times were u bitten…just because u like it rough means all other women like it rough..stop your filth..

  6. Ok we are all saying its Rape but to my knowledge it was not rape when u consent to its not rape but she is claiming that is rape… well i was made to understand that this girl and the owner son was carrying it on meaning had something going but at the same time may just may be she did not want to have sex but because she was high he went with her from the party cause both of them were high and he had sex but the other two guy that was very abusive should not only get charge but lock up for being who they are and its not like they rape her alone they left marks so they will know that u went there all ready ………..so justice need to be done to her for telling lies and accusing the wrong set of people when you want pleasure u must gain pain that my policy

  7. I am referring from the Madia rape case if i can comment on it i will like to do …….
    For all the viewer there were a twist in it…. These Amerindians not sure what I should say but if they want Justice i am assuming they should be honest and justice will be granted I have been following up this story from the starting of it reason being cause my family is involved her first statement was three me rape her she was drunk and then her second was one have sex without her consent force himself on her then the other two brutally abused her the thirdly now its two men rape and drug her also bitten bye these men ….. I am thinking if the thoroughly investigate this matter and get to the bottom of the store everyone will get justice …….. Thank you

  8. How is it POSSIBLE that women, the vessels that God use to bring every human on to this earth, can be violated so viciously, and that violation is treated so casually? If a woman is raped, no Court in the world should ever release the rapists on bail. Granted many mistakes have been made in the past, were men have been wrongfully accused. However, since the 20th Century, there has been DNA testing that can be done immediately, to avoid errors. You release these men, and they’ll do it again. Or it doesn’t matter?

  9. police done get payoff so why u think they didnt do a thing for the victim..the police should be charged for rape too since they raped over over again

  10. pnc arm and mouth piece -red thred- should have stayed out of this…red thred is out to crusify east indians be it victim or bandit…red thred get their judge to sentence a young indian girl to NOC for being in love with love..red thred went dead silent on the Bull case with the young school girls…oh wait a minute..they were black? having said that…
    an example must be made of these parasites..
    when they have money and connections they can get away with murder..
    bite marks and all they should be sentenced to dead..yeah dead..bruck dem neck but b4 doing that..make sure they are let loose in the prison population where they are made to pick up soap…they will know how it feels when raped and oh there would be no bite marks on them..


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