Drunken businessman arrested after forcing police patrol off the road, disorderly behaviour


A businessman has been taken into police custody after he reportedly forced a police patrol off the road and then began to behave disorderly towards several law enforcement officers.

The incident occurred at around 23:10hrs on Tuesday and involved a dark blue pickup truck, GZZ 200, which was being driven by the businessman. There was a male passenger in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Police Headquarters, in a statement, said ranks performing duties at Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara (EBD) alerted their colleagues on the western side of the Demerara Harbour Bridge of a speeding vehicle that was headed there way after running a police patrol off the road.

The pickup was then stopped at the western exit of the bridge. The driver was then told of the allegation made against him, to which he denied. The businessman provided his name, address and profession.

Police added that while the driver was being spoken to by the ranks, it was observed that he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

Police said when asked to subject himself to a breathalyzer test, he refused and started behaving disorderly.

At that stage, he was questioned about the firearm seen in his waist, to which he produced a license.

Police said the officers took possession of his firearm out of caution for public safety due to his behaviour and after a lengthy delay, he was escorted to the LaGrange Police Station. The vehicle was also impounded.

While at the station, the driver continued to behave disorderly in the presence of other ranks. He was warned several times of his behaviour which he continued to demonstrate and subsequently placed into custody.

The driver later subjected himself to a breathalyzer test, with the first reading recorded at 125mg and second 147mg, but he refused to sign the slips.

Further investigations are in progress.