Drunk driving, speeding account for 75% of road fatalities for first quarter

The mangled car

Over 75 percent of the fatal accidents that occurred during the first quarter of this year are as a result of the combination of speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

This is according to Traffic Chief, Linden Isles, who told this online publication that these tragedies could have been prevented if the guilty parties involved had adhered to the traffic laws of Guyana.

                                    Traffic Chief, Superintendent Linden Isles

“From our end, we continue to do educational talks, programmes, enforcement exercises and we will continue. Sadly, the issue of speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol is something that is within a culture, of persons who naturally want to consume alcohol, and then drive. And we all know it is a very dangerous practice because alcohol and gasoline do not mix,” he stated.

According to the Traffic Chief, no one person can stop or prevent all accidents from occurring but believes that traffic ranks and the public must work together to minimize the amounts of deaths on Guyana’s roadways.

Acar turned turtle after crashing into the concrete fence. One person was killed

“We continue to urge members of the public, drivers, if they have to attend functions or social events, if they have to drive don’t consume alcohol, don’t imbibe. If they have to imbibe get a designated driver. So that we can have control of the situation.”

INews was also told that there has been a drastic decrease in statistics with regard to children being involved in fatal accidents when compared to the previous year for the same period.

“We continue to do our educational talks to schools throughout the country. If you notice that most times you find with our figures that children, I don’t know if it because of our road talks and these things but we had a reduction, a vast reduction in children being involved in road accidents. We continue to do our road safety talks in schools”, the Traffic Chief noted.


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