Driver shot, robbed whilst in traffic at Carifesta Avenue



A 38-year-old man of Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was this afternoon shot and robbed whilst he was in traffic at Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown.

The man, who was driving a motorcar at the time of the incident at around 13:56hrs, was robbed of $500,000 in cash by two men on a motorcycle.

Police said the victim was driving motor vehicle PZZ 6538 proceeding west on the southern carriageway of Carifesta Avenue when he came to a complete stop in the vicinity of YMCA in traffic.

Reports are that while he was waiting for the traffic light to change, he felt a sudden impact from behind his vehicle and observed two males on a motorcycle.

One of the men immediately confronted him, pointed a gun to his right leg, and shot him.

In shock, the victim exited the car and ran for help.

The unarmed perpetrator then took possession of the cash which was in an envelope on the front passenger seat of the motorcar.

The two perpetrators then made good their escape.

The victim is presently a patient at a city hospital where his condition is listed as stable.

One war head and spent shell was recovered on the scene.

Investigations are in progress.