Driver gets 4 years jail for causing death of Nigel Hughes’ mother


Juliano Seunarine, the driver who was charged with causing the death of Christobel Hughes during a vehicular collision, was today (Monday), sentenced by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan  to four years imprisonment.

Suenarine, who was on trial at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, had originally pleaded not guilty to the offence which stated that on August 15, 2015 at Pike and Lamaha Streets, Kitty Georgetown, he drove motor pick-up PPP 4641 in a dangerous manner to the public, thereby causing the death of Christobel Hughes, the mother of the Alliance for Change’s Chairman, Nigel Hughes. 

JAILED: Juliano Seunarine
JAILED: Juliano Seunarine

In handing down her verdict, Magistrate McLennan explained to the court that at the time of the accident, the defendant was under the influence of alcohol. Also, the statements given by the eyewitnesses substantiate this claim.

The court also concluded that the deceased died as a result of the accident, this inference being drawn from the defendants caution statement. As such, the court was satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the offence.

McLennan added that the Prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The late Mrs. Christobel Hughes, mother of Nigel Hughes
The late Mrs. Christobel Hughes, mother of Nigel Hughes

The defence made a petition for leniency based on the arguments that the defendant who is 28 years old, is the sole provider for his family, including an ailing mother.

The court heard that the defendant, since the incident, has already spent 2 months in prison while being on remand.

It is the belief of the defence that imposing a custodial sentence on the defendant will serve no useful purpose.

After listening to the defence, the Magistrate sentenced Seunarine to spend four years in prison. This decision was met with loud outbursts from his family and relatives who were present in court.

According to reports, on the day in question, at around 23:15 hours, the defendant drove motor vehicle PPP 4641 on Pike Street, and, as he approached Lamaha Street, he failed to stop, colliding with motor vehicle PMM 6763.

As a result of the impact, Hughes received multiple injuries to her body and died on her way to the hospital.


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