Dr Surujbally says Rohee out to “embarrass” GECOM

Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally (right); Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield and Vishnu Persaud, Deputy Chief Election Office

By Jomo Paul

Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally (right); Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield and Vishnu Persaud, Deputy Chief Election Office
Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally (right); Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield and Vishnu Persaud, Deputy Chief Election Office

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is refuting claims made by General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee that the Body refused to answer questions posed to them at a recent meeting.

Rohee at a press conference on Monday, November 09 had alleged that GECOM was “indifferent, defensive and evasive” when questions were posed to the Commission at a recent meeting.

But GECOM Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally at a press conference on Thursday, November 12, made it clear that the Commission answered the questions posed by Rohee in good faith and to the best of their knowledge.

The questions posed by the PPP were answered by Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield, reporters were told. Dr Surujbally described the onslaught thrown at GECOM as “abuse” coming from the General Secretary.

He said that he was “quite surprised at some of the language used.” This of course, is given the claim that GECOM answered the questions in a proper manner.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
“The bending over backwards was so blatant in our responses,” said the GECOM chairman.

He said it is difficult to understand why the PPP has chosen to take this recourse but his own personal view is that it was to “embarrass” GECOM.

Rohee had said that the PPP left the meeting on November 03 with GECOM, wholly “disappointed” with the explanations offered to a slew of questions put to the Commission on the conduct of Local Government Elections.

Rohee was clear that the Party does not believe GECOM has the competency to supervise the holding of elections noting that this concern has been expressed on the other side of the political divide as well.



  1. Rohee does not have the intelligence to insult or embarrass the Election Commission,he doesn`t even know when he is embarrassing himself,the MICKEY-MOUSE he is.

  2. why blame surajbally the PPP was the government of the day but they were too busy taking care of the chosen to focus and put the proper security in place just imagine the police force is calming that Eve Leary was stick up by gangster who would you blame the police or the gangster SMFH

  3. Surajbally needs to step down from GEOCOM. He has no character and unthtustworthy . After the last election has done nothing to correct his mistakes. Why should anyone have any confidence in your system.

  4. kk now lets see witihn the 23 years who was the political party burning down gt and protesting, secondly in the 23 years they were no fake SOP and all the foreign observers said it was free even tho they did not part take unlike with what the did this time around, and to add the PNC still share the believe that they have the rite to run by guyana as said by Mr. Burnham that guyana should never be run by indians and finally the apnu government was palced into power by the americans we all know that ,49% of guyanese was shocked and stunned too by the actions of the ABC countries

  5. Dear Surujbally you and GECOM should have conducted fair elections. I am not saying this because APNU won. The whole election process was unfair. can you tell anyone that your GECOM needs 5 days to count 500,000 votes??? Why do you need a certifcate from US,UK and Canada? Come on we have to answer the people of Guyana. The complaints from PPP was ignored and you refused to recount. Irregularities in SOP and keeping away the media from counting stations all says that the whole process was unfair.

    You should see how elections are conducted in other countries and allow the media to report live from counting station and the media is the one giving the result to the public though EC does the official part of the result.

    Electric voting machines and centralized counting is the common practice in countries with billions of population and we are in Stone Age and you are responsible for this. You should go!

  6. What Rohee and the rest of the PPP needs to understand is that they had no issue with Surjubaly when he wax able to fix the results in the past. This time too many eyes were on him and he couldn’t fix the results for them so, the count was fair and square and they lost… So forget how many quotas of indo and Africans work there, concentrate of how many Guyanese are employed and get over yourselves with your fixation on race and your loss of the election…

  7. It is clear that Mr Rohee and his PPPC cohorts are experiencing the sour grapes syndrome and that they refuse to accept the fact that they lost the election. As I recall they had no reason to complain when for 23 years win or loose they were given the benefit of the doubt and control of the government was handed to them. Undoubtedly Rohee and company had convinced themselves that they are entitled to lifetime dominance of the Guyana government. To their chagrin this expectation was thwarted, leaving them in total shock and disbelief, and as a result they now have totally lost their minds. My unsolicited advice to you guys is to accept the fact that you lost the election and begin to conduct yourselves like grown ups. You have lost the respect of intelligent Guyanese so why not attempt to regain some of it by adjusting your behavior and by calling a spade a spade. You lost the election. You were happy with GECOM for 23 years, you people did not act out then, so why now?

  8. He should bag he n he right hand face ..cause he hold up a paper in a press conference on 5/11/2015 election and said this SOP is not Gecom sop its fake ..but we will still accept the result from the fake sop ..n declare the useless apnc as winner

  9. Yea I lost a lot of respect for Steve…. It’s no secret that GECOM and Steve were infiltrated by the abc countries to use a by all means necessary approach to oust the PPP from office. It’s also rumoured he was given a nice chunk of change to sure it happened too!

  10. Steve,you have embarrassed more than half of Guyana Electorate with the recent General and Regional election results.You’ve erred so much that people get to hate you and your Gecom.It seems as if you own Gecom now and that you have all the Shares in it.


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