Dr Clive Jagan resigns as MP…PPP/C expected to name replacement soon


People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) parliamentarian, Dr Clive Jagan has resigned from his seat in the National Assembly. The House was informed of his resignation yesterday following his absence from sittings since the beginning of the year.

INews understands that the PPP/C will name a replacement soon.

Dr Clive Jagan
Dr Clive Jagan

The announcement was made by Speaker of the House, Dr Barton Scotland, at the beginning of Thursday’s session.
According to Dr Scotland, he received a letter from the Opposition parliamentarian on February 4 in which the first-time Member of Parliament indicated that he was giving up his seat in the National Assembly.

While Dr Jagan did not state, in the letter to the Speaker, the reason behind his decision, INews was informed that the parliamentarian has been ill for some time now and was overseas receiving medical treatment.

Dr Jagan is the nephew of the late President and co-founder of PPP, Dr Cheddi Jagan. The renowned dental surgeon made his entry into politics just before the May 2015 General and Regional Elections by endorsing the Party.



  1. Dr Clive Jagan resigns as MP…PPP/C expected to name replacement soon
    It’s a bunch of old, sick people in Government and Opposition hogging every dime for themselves..Jagdeo should have taught the old heads in the PPP a lesson after his term in office done and demand they go with the youth men again and not the old ones like Ramotar who does chat on the phone with the wife of PPP biggest enemy the Mooklall of kn..the PPP should have said no to him just like how they said no to Naga, no to Jumjhaat, no to Ramkarran, no to Rohee, these old men like Granger on the PNC side will send Guyanese back to shitting in old latrine pits or doing their thing in the bush just like how it was done during the PNC reign of terror on Guyanese for 28 year.

  2. JAGAN was the ONLY honest politician Guyana ever see! He care for the people of Guyana and did not possess GREED for money! Unfortunately, when he took OFFICE in 1992 Guyana was already in the SLUM created by BURHNAM who use the treasury to make himself the world’s 4th richest black man. By this time Jagan was way too old to put Guyana in a strong position. When Janet announced Jagdeo as the next economic genius to take Guyana FWD, many of the lower un-educated party members became angered such as MOSES, RAMKARRAN, Christopher RAM, etc…because these guys were looking for POWER! So greed to get power, they turn and betrayed Jagan and join the PNC devil that they were once opposing. Today Guyana is having a taste of crooks – Ram is crying fowl play on the last budget, suggesting their pockets are not getting heavy as Granger and Harmon…So expect Guyana to return to the slum and Granger to compete for the world’s richest black man again soon….


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