DPI clears air on GPL meter scandal

GPL's Main Street office
CEO of GPL, Colin Welch
CEO of GPL, Colin Welch

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Director of Public Information, Imran Khan has cleared the air on a reported prepaid meter racket at the state-owned Guyana Power and Light.

It was noted that after Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson received complaints, he aborted this tender process for the prepaid meters and instructed, more than a month ago, that the process which started under the PPP be set aside and for it to be retendered.

The Kaieteur News on Sunday, December 13 reported that there is emerging evidence that the Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Colin Welch, intervened in a multi-million contract for pre-paid meters and asked the supplier to lie to authorities in Guyana about the specifications.

The report stated that a series of chat messages and Skype calls purportedly made by Welch with regard to the transaction has since been sent to the Directors of that State-owned company as well as to top Government officials.

It was also stated that GPL had gone to tender for 28,000 pre-paid meters worth over US$4 million which started the entire squabble.

Khan, in a statement, noted that after Minister Patterson was made aware of the impending issue, the tendering process was scrapped.

“Minister Patterson then instructed an independent review of the complaints. All of the main complaints were found to be invalid. The new tendering procedures under a new team has been set in motion,” said Khan.

He indicated that it was after this had occurred, the alleged new emails which the KN report is mainly based on, had surfaced and Minister Patterson is committed to looking into the issue.



  1. Mervin you bet KN wont reveal–KN cant reveal- KN boss knows why he cant reveal- KN chief editor knows why he cant reveal..You have to be down right stupid not to know why KN and SN cant have their gory and glory days with this newly US installed regime. KN and SN know better than all others not to mess with a US installed PNC regime so stop your foolishness that KN will reveal. If his name was Colin Singh or Persaud you bet he would be a goner..Case closed since most Guyanese and you knows it.

  2. Hey, how come this fella not sent out on paid leave for an internal investigation. HA HA HA.ONE OF THE BOYS I PRESUME.

  3. Nick am gonna say it was the parasites who created that story you just read about in the Kaiteur news. More interesting details to follow.

  4. Emile the truth on this issue will surface and it will be damming for the executive insiders at GPL who have created this entire fake story and damage to this CEO’s reputation and character. If Marshall becomes the CEO they will do the very same thing to him, that’s if. It is time for the government of the day to stop playing nice and get rid of the PPP evil remants remaining in GPL. They are at work, because in their disturbed minds no negro should be allowed to run the power company which is a gold mine for them.

  5. Shouldn’t the CEO be suspended pending the investigation. As a matter of fact criminal charges ranging from local to transnational are in the air. Under the UK Corrupt Practices legislation the CEO is a real target for a transnational crime.

  6. Trust me, KN is going to reveal anything and everything, and if the information is definitely damning, then Patterson should take steps to resolve the issue by sending Welch on paid leave under the heading of conducting a probe. That leave could well last a year, but it would be an easy way to give Welch the boot. I keep saying that Elwyn Marshall, BSc (Electrical Engineering 1976) and MBA is a better suited candidate for the job of running this entity.

  7. Govt covering up this incompetent corrupt parasite! Patterson placed him there and now he is putting DPI to speak and defend the govt. What happen to his fake certificates…swept under the carpet ??


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