Dozens picket OP in President Ramotar’s absence



By Kurt Campbell

APNU Leader, David Granger and Member, Ronald Bulkan at the picket line.
APNU Leader, David Granger and Member, Ronald Bulkan at the picket line.

[] – Opposition Leader David Granger, along with several Opposition Parliamentarians led a picketing exercise outside the Office of the President this morning [Tuesday, September 30], even as the Head of State is currently in the United States of America (USA).

However, Granger is not bothered by the President’s absence. He told iNews that pressure is not only being brought to bear on the President but also the central government and the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).

“This is Cabinet day and we are sending a message to the PPP, the central government and the executive that we are fed up waiting for local government elections, so whether the President is here or not it doesn’t really matter to us,” Granger said; adding that “this is symbolic and the people are demanding that the government pay attention to their calls.”

However, when contacted, a government official confirmed to iNews that there is no Cabinet today and that the protest is in futility.

Some of the protestors in front Office of the President, Vlissengen Road entrance.
Some of the protestors in front Office of the President, Vlissengen Road entrance.

This picketing exercise forms part of A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU’s) strategy to mobilize local, national and international support as pressure is on the President to announce a date for the holding of long overdue local government elections.

Granger defended his protests actions which started roughly a week ago; dispelling charges that a similar protest last week was contrite.

“It was not contrite, he will get the news and he will know that the people are serious about his breach of the constitution and they will not put up with it… he cannot postpone our rights, he doesn’t have an option and he must understand that,” the Opposition Leader stated; adding that “we will keep coming out here until he rectifies the fault.”

The Opposition Leader who was almost drowned out by chanting “we need local government elections, no room for IMCs,” says he has started to see the desired results from his protest actions.

Protest 3 copy“There is a deeper understanding of the issues at stake… I don’t think it should be measured by numbers, it should be managed by peoples understanding and people demand for their just deserts.”

Meanwhile, Shadow Local Government Minister Ronald Bulkan reiterated the call by the Opposition Leader for the operationalizing of the Local Government Commission and to initiate a process where the Local Government Amendment Bill can be returned to the President for his assent.

Bulkan is confident that these protests will bear fruit.

“We are baffled why the President continues to be as obstinate as he is and is not heeding the cries of the people who are living in broken communities. We are confident that the President will answer, the voices of the people are powerful and history teaches us that it is impossible to stop a determined people… he is being obstinate and there are probably blockages in his ears but we will remove those blockages,” Bulkan added.

Local government election was last held in 1994.


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