Donations to Venezuelan migrants must be done through CDC, says Govt

Venezuelans seeking refuge in Region One
File photo: Venezuelans seeking refuge in Region One

The incumbent Administration has taken offence to individuals and organizations that have chosen to provide aid to Venezuelan migrants without them having a say in it.

Government in a release from the Ministry of the Presidency (MOTP) has outlined that instead of donating directly an official mechanism was established via the Department of Citizenship and must be used.

Moreover, it was noted that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and the Department of Citizenship established a Multi-Agency Stakeholder Committee to manage the government’s response to the influx of the Venezuelan migrants here and has a mandate to ensure humanitarian support is provided to all of those migrants.

“As such, the CDC was identified as the lone authorized agency responsible for coordinating and ensuring supplies are delivered to the Venezuelan migrants” the MOTP statement said, while adding that “The Government of Guyana calls on all persons, groups and /or organisations desirous of making donations to the Venezuelan migrants to channel their donations through the CDC. All contributed items are recorded and distributed to the migrants.”

With their economy in a free fall under incumbent Nicolás Maduro, who was recently sworn-in under questionable circumstances to serve a second term as President,  Venezuelans have been feeling in droves to neighbouring countries seeking refuge.

The IMF estimates that Venezuela’s GDP will continue to shrink this year, with the inflation rate expected to reach 13,800 per cent.



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