‘Don Dick’ execution: Police yet to identify a suspect


Police are yet to make an arrest in the murder of Roger Bunbury, who was gunned down on Friday morning while sleeping in a hammock in the patio of his Lot 724 Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, home.

Bunbury, also called “Don Dick”, whose name had been inscribed on the list of Guyana’s most wanted criminals in 2002, was killed sometime around 00:45h. He was shot while on the verandah after which he ran towards the kitchen, where he collapsed and died.

Roger Bunbery

Acting Crime Chief Paul Williams has indicated that the investigation is still ongoing and that detectives are yet to identify a suspect.
The sister of the now dead man, Clair Bunbury, related that she received a telephone call informing her that her brother was shot and killed.
According to Clair Bunbury, her brother’s wife had related hearing someone calling several times for Bunbury, who was asleep in the hammock. After a few minutes, she heard a commotion and then three gunshots.
The woman came out after some time to find a trail of blood leading to the kitchen, where she found her husband lying on the floor, bleeding profusely. Without hesitation, he was picked up and rushed to hospital.
Further asked if the shooting might have stemmed from a pending court case wherein her brother had been charged for unlawfully wounding another man, the sister said the family thought about it but was not sure, and as such would leave the Police to conduct their investigations.
Meanwhile, one of the dead man’s step daughters said  that after the shooting incident, a man was seen scaling the fence. He was subsequently spotted by another resident riding towards the backdam in a state of panic. This bit of information was passed on to the Police.
Investigators found three spent shells along with a warhead at the scene.
The now dead 57-year-old was named in a list of 42 most wanted men for whom the Guyana Police Force had issued bulletins 15 years ago. Others on the list had been the infamous five from the February 23, 2002 jail break – Dale Moore, Troy Dick, Shawn Brown, Andrew Douglas and Mark Fraser.
The most wanted list had also included names such as Premkumar Sukraj, also known as “Inspector Gadget”; Christopher Belle; Romel Reman; and Dillon Ackra, among others.
Bunbury had been wanted for questioning in connection with a series of robberies under arms, and had been named in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of taxi driver Vivekanand Nandalall in October 2003.
Bunbury had been recaptured in November 2007 in Sophia, but had been released without charges being instituted against him.


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