Dominican woman fined, deported for overstaying in Guyana


A Dominican who claimed to like Guyana was on Friday deported when she appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan.

Julicia Marcado, 22, a mother of two, who is currently unemployed, pleaded guilty to the offence when it was read to her.

It is alleged that between June 20, 2015 and January 10, 2017 at Georgetown, she failed to comply with a permit which had been granted for her to stay in Guyana.

She, therefore, overstayed her time in Guyana.

When asked by the Magistrate, her reasons for overstaying, she simply said that she liked Guyana.

According to the prosecution, the defendant came to Guyana on June 5, 2015, after she was granted two weeks’ stay in the country. However, she never applied for an extension.

On January 10, 2017, the defendant checked into a police station for reasons unknown where it was discovered that she was staying in Guyana illegally.

As such, she was held and charged with the present offence.

Magistrate McLennan ordered that Marcado pay a fine of $30,000 or spend four weeks in prison.

She was also ordered out of the country on the next flight.

Meanwhile, Anna Diaz, 25, another Dominican, was also deported after she also overstayed in Guyana.

She pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that between October 1, 2016 and November 30, 2016, she overstayed for the said period.

She told the Magistrate that she was currently a vendor in Guyana and had hopes of getting her papers to become legal.

She was also fined $30,000 and deported.


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