Domestic violence victims to access free legal services as new clinic opens in Berbice

A gathering of persons during the launching ceremony for the new clinic.
A gathering of persons during the launching ceremony for the new clinic.

Domestic violence victims residing in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) now have access to free legal representation and counselling following the opening of a new clinic at Babu Jaan, Port Mourant.

These new services are being offered as a result of a partnership between two nongovernmental organisations – the Women Let’s Rise and Dorcas Mending Hearts Ministry.

Dorcas was established in 2017 and had been working primarily in the Georgetown area while Women Let’s Rise is a newly formed Organisation in Region Six.

In fact, Women Let’s Rise is the women arm of the well-established Humanitarian Mission Guyana Inc. which is based in Berbice.

According to Surish Sugrim who is the President of the Humanitarian Mission, the launching of the programme came about after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two organisations.

“We had decided on three areas which are free counseling, representation in court and legal advice coming from the legal team at Dorcas,” he stated during a simple launching ceremony this weekend.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Women Let’s Rise Vaneta Romulo noted that the high rate of violence against women in the region is alarming.

“What we have realised is that there isn’t a voice for them. There is not much help. As much as we would want them to leave abusive relationships; where do they go? How do they leave? So, myself and some other women with the same interests we decided to be the voice for these women who cannot speak for themselves,” she explained.

President of Dorcas Mending Hearts Ministry, former Magistrate Kim Kyte says the clinic aims at providing free legal advice and representation for victims of domestic violence.

The clinic will also be providing counseling for victims.

She said there are in excess of ten lawyers will be available to provide legal advice and if necessary, provide legal representations to victims.

“We urge every person in the community, any part of Berbice, please access our clinic. Any person who has any issue with domestic violence we are here to advice, and if necessary represent you in the court system,” Kyte said.

Persons can make contact with the clinic by calling 336-6913 and 615-2433. (Andrew Carmichael)