Doctors strike at West Dem Hospital

  • frustrated and fed-up over poor working conditions, lack of security

Doctors attached to the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) on Tuesday morning refused to commence duties at the facility, taking strike action as a result of failure on the part of the Public Health Ministry to address their numerous concerns.
The hospital was in a state of panic when all doctors of the medical facility downed their equipment and refused to work.
INews understands that the doctors, via a letter sent to their medical superintendent which was copied and sent to all levels, outlined a number of concerns that are currently affecting them and vowed to strike if no response was given.

The letter which was seen by this publication stated, “…this letter serves to inform you that the staff of the Accident and Emergency Unit of the West Demerara Regional Hospital are disappointed, frustrated, disgusted and fed-up of the way in which our daily verbal grievances are being handled. To date we have not seen any measures implemented within our department to alleviate our struggles or worries”.
The letter continues, “the staffers of the Emergency Unit no longer feel safe in their working environment. They no longer feel motivated to provide the best patient care since supportive structure and drugs are on regular shortage or absent. They no longer feel the need to go above and beyond because they feel that the administrative body does not care and have swept all of their relevant and legitimate concerns aside”.
According to a source at the hospital, the doctors were calling for better security at the facility following a number of incidents where doctors were either physically attacked or verbally abused by patients and others.
In fact, a recent incident saw two doctors being attacked by a patient and his relatives and were even spat upon.
The doctors have since been calling for the Public Health Ministry to tighten security services at the facility.
In addition, the doctors reportedly are also calling for better sanitation at the hospital, tools to work with and for the current drug shortage issue to be rectified.
However, many letters written to the Public Health Ministry reportedly got no reply, thus the strike action taken by the medical staff.
When this publication visited the hospital on Tuesday, a large number of patients were seen in the waiting area.
Some of them indicated  that they had been waiting for hours but were told that none of the doctors would be working.


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