Doctors, nurses stage sit-in over deplorable state of Diamond hospital


…constant shortage of drugs and medical supplies also a major problem 

Several elderly patients, among others, were turned away from the Diamond Diagnostic Centre earlier today (Wednesday) as medical officials and other employees stage a sit-in over the deplorable state of the institution coupled with a constant shortage of drugs plaguing the health facility.

Due to the current crisis, the Regional Executive Officer (REO), the Regional Heath Officer (RHO) and officials of the Public Health Ministry were forced to engage in an almost four- hour long meeting with the distressed staff today.

When iNews visited the scene, it was observed that patients were being told by both security officials and nurses of the health institution that they would have to return tomorrow (Thursday) to collect their respective medications or to have their various ailments treated.

After probing many of the doctors and nurses for information, this online publication was told that for several months now, the hospital has been in an unsanitary state and all complaints made prior to this “strike” were ignored.

“If yuh working in an environment where yuh have faeces pulping up, how the people gon get proper treatment?” one staff attached to the facility questioned, while another was overheard telling a patient that “work was not being done, so I would advise you to come back tomorrow.”

This online publication was told that the meeting with the frustrated doctors and nurses commenced around 10:00hrs, and concluded some minutes to 14:00hrs. However, even as the meeting ended, medical officials were heard grumbling and expressing their dissatisfaction with the outcome.

One nurse said that she has been employed at the facility for a number of years, and throughout the period, there have been many instances where there were cause for complaints, however, this time was far worse.

“The dressing room area is deplorable, nasty, the AC in the room aint working, the other ACs leaking water all over the floors, the toilets overflowing constantly,” she said with a look of disgust.

Another doctor expressed the same sentiments, but this time lamented on the continuous shortage of medications for his patients. “It’s rough having to tell people we don’t have the drug or tablet, or strip that they need, and having to turn them away. It’s constant. This shortage is all the time. But it’s hard on us doctors because it bothers us to know that we know what is wrong with a patient but we cant help them because we don’t have the right treatment. Then you gotta send them away to buy it..and most of these people that come to public hospitals cant afford to buy medication,” he stated.

The affected employees were not able to divulge information as to the outcome of the meeting with the relevant authorities, and one nurse was heard saying “it’s the same nonsense and promises.” (Ramona Luthi)


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