“Do the decent thing and release the Report”…Justice for Walter Rodney Committee urges President


Pressure continues to mount on the APNU+AFC Government to release the report of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to the public without further delay as the Justice for Walter Rodney Committee joins the band calling on President David Granger to have this done as soon as possible.

This Committee is of the view that the President, along with his Administration, must recognise the historical significance of this inquiry, not only as a “ means of bringing closure” to an aspect of Guyana’s sad history over the last 50 years but as a measure that if dealt with properly, can aid the beginnings of the long awaited and lofty ideal of reconciliation, and the expectations of Guyanese at home and abroad for a new beginning.

“The time is now to begin to put an end to the turbulent politics of division, denial of rights, and State disrespect for the law and the Constitution. Continuance of the State’s disrespect for rules and procedures cannot and should not be countenanced,” the Justice for Walter Rodney Committee opines.

INews first broke the news around midnight last night which stated that the then Burham-led People’s National Congress (PNC) government, along with State agencies, was part of the conspiracy to assassinate Dr Rodney.

This may have prompted the Justice for Walter Rodney Committee to add pressure on the Government to release the report’s findings.

burnIn a release today, the Committee stated that in Guyana’s long history of CoIs into various matters, there have been no disputes about the printing of any CoI reports or about the courtesy of the Commissioners handing over the report and no mystery about its custody.

“There is enough cause for concern that for the first time in Guyana’s history of CoI, the competence of the suppliers of ink has been called into question and the absence of the media from the handing over of the Report has been achieved. The question is reasonable whether these unusual features were within the control of the investigating Commissioners or in the hands of the Secretariat for which the subject Minister has responsibility. These issues are so troubling that they should give the President and his Cabinet pause, as they send unfavourable signals,” this Commission declared.

However, it explained that there is still some time to rectify the issue, and that authorities in Guyana must without further delay, follow established norms and practices and “do the morally decent thing.”

This, the Commission is saying has to do with delivering copies of the Report to the Rodney family, the lawyers of the parties represented at the Inquiry, including the representatives of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and the PNC, and to Members of Parliament (MPs). “Continual withholding of the report from aggrieved and interested parties is not comprehensible”.

“The President must act. We ask him therefore to announce the date the Report will be released to the family of Walter Rodney, the lawyers who ably participated in the Inquiry, the political parties, and the media. Further, the public must be informed of the date and price at which the Report will be put on sale for the public to purchase and read…they are customary steps.”





  1. It’s a good thing the report was leaked. Now whatever copy is made public in an edited state will surely not go well with the populace. This administration has gone far and beyond to stop this special COI when in opposition and continued to do so when now in power. Enough is enough, release the report in its entirety and let Guyanese of all walks of life learn for themselves what kind of society we lived under Burnham and APNU!

  2. Burnham aka the “KABAKA” is in hell! Burnham the Scoundrel was an assassin, a vagabond, a terrorist, a thief, a rigger, a back stabber. The biggest dictator of the Caribbean. Without shame or remorse, Burnham went globetrotting with the most extravagant entourage in expensive rented jets while Guyana was listed as the poorest nation on the world. Meanwhile he donated US$60,000.00 to the African Liberation Movement Annually. Burnham and his GOONS were comfortable in practicing/legalizing of OBEAH (witchcraft). During the reign of the PNC dictatorship, Burnham was like Bokassa, Adid,IdiAmin and Sese Sekou Mobotu, some of the most notorious butchers and plunderers of Africa. Burnham’s spirit is still within the PNC and Granger.

  3. “Do the decent thing and release the Report”…Justice for Walter Rodney Committee urges President..
    Ask…. when it comes to the “right” thing does PNC know???
    The only thing PNC and their people ever constructive on are criminality.

  4. Commissioner Of Inquiry, was afraid to wait in Guyana to see the release of their findings because they are probably afraid they may become victims of the PNC like in Jim Jones case. They just drop off the result and fled to safety. Who can blame them? PNC are known for Assassinating their enemies. Green, the PNC “AXE MAN” is still around with Granger, Harmon, Greenidge, Corbin, Felix, Williams etc.. and Rupert Roopnarine has joined the gang.


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