Do not panic! Gov’t aims to minimize impact of flooding – Edghill



Flood 3[] – Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill, is urging Guyanese not to go into panic mode as a result of the severe flooding in several parts of the country.

Edghill, at a press conference with other government ministers this morning, appealed for the Guyanese people to be patient while the Ministries of Public Works and Local Government work to minimize the impact of the flooding.

He said various teams are doing everything “humanly possible” to alleviate the situation.

“I would like to say to all of us and to everybody out there that there is no need to panic. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of rainfall, it’s a reality and we should not get into the panic mode. Every effort should be made to ensure that there is minimum damage as it relates to the household level.

“We’re appealing for patience; we want to ensure that the panic button is not being pressed,” Edghill said.

Meanwhile, Public Works Minister, Robeson Been says that additional pumps are being installed to ensure that the flood waters recede as quickly as possible.Flood 5

He explained that teams from the Clean up Initiative have been mobilized to clear out debris under bridges which are preventing the smooth flow of water.

Meanwhile, Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker defended the $1B Clean Up Programme, as he noted that if the initiative was not in place, then the flood situation could have been worse.

He said the rainfall is the highest Guyana has endured in recent times.

“If we had not made the efforts we did in terms of cleaning the drains etc and removing significant volumes of garbage, one never knows, the situation like this would have been worse than is,” Whittaker told the news conference.


  1. Quoted……“I would like to say to all of us and to everybody out there that there is no need to panic……… “We’re appealing for patience;……”

    Is this fool for real???? 22 years in government, our infrastructure crumbling and we should be patient and not panic? One could predict failure just by examining an action plan or lack there of. Inasmuch as I respected Dr. Jagan and was hopeful for the success of his government in 1992, the utterances of those who surrounded him (Rohee and others) foretold the disaster we have with respect to flooding today. By pledging to undo what was done by the previous government that was in office for 28 years was a clear indication of potential failure. Rather than only trying to fix the symptoms of the problems we face, efforts must be made to get to the root causes. Throwing a few more pumps won’t solve the flooding problem Minister Ben. You should know that; you are supposed to be an engineer. Putting larger motors on a system that has too small pulleys in the first place just don’t make sense. Its no different from adding a few more turbines to a power plant and not expanding the transmission network to the people who need the power. It just don’t make sense.

  2. Like gray drown,,,,or he shame,,what happen to all the millions and 5billion to clean and drain the city since 2005 flood,,,the one lap-top sink, thanks to the PPP and all the ppl who care nothing about who is suffering and what the ppl going true, this is a SHAME,, but who cares not the gray family ,,,Pee Pee Pee so much the city covered in it,,

  3. Stop this unintelligent talk minister. He who feels it knows it..use funds for the benefit of the citizens of Guyana not for selfish gains. The drains were cleaned. Does it make a difference? Whether it pours of drizzles, people suffer losses. When the kokers break because of negligence, people suffer losses. When will this end? WHEN? You sit in high place and you tell us not to do what! Panic? Can I come to your house and beg you for logging tonight? Can I go to your church and seek a place of physical rest? No way! The police force will be slinging me up! Where is the Christ in you? Maintenance is the responsibility of the Government. Instead of blaming and blaming.. do the job you were placed there to do..Shut up and prevent the obvious…stop blaming others for your failures.. do the job and do it expediently. Guyanese are FED UP. and don’t tell me about budget cuts…Guyanese are not fools…WE ARE NOT FOOLS!!!!!!

  4. When Guyana was a Dutch colony, drains, canals and kokers were dug/constructed for efficient drainage. When the British took over, they left them in place. After Independence, Guyanese thought it best to fill some of the canals for roadways, parking and housing also throwing garbage in the drains and canals.


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