DNA test confirms missing Teacher Nyozi Goodman was murdered

Missing: Nyozi Goodman.
Missing: Nyozi Goodman
Missing: Nyozi Goodman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police have confirmed that the results of the DNA test conducted by the Forensic Science Centre of Trinidad on the samples taken from the body that was recovered at Turkeyen along the East Coast of Demerara on July 24, 2014 is that of school  teacher Nyozi Goodman of William Street, Kitty.

Goodman’s grieving mother, Carol Green confirmed that she has received confirmation that the remains found are that of her daughter’s.

Goodman has been a teacher for almost a decade and taught Geography and Social Studies at the St. Stanislaus College. Goodman disappeared without a trace following a basketball game at the National Gymnasium on July 6.

Shortly after her disappearance search teams were established; however, persons only found a few of her personal items in the Gardens. But three weeks later the decomposed remains of a female, beyond recognition, was found at Turkeyen.

A Post Mortem examination was done on the remains which revealed that the woman was stabbed to death.

The missing teacher’s mother had indicated then  that the remains are that of her daughter pointing to a belt which was discovered close to the body. Persons were arrested and questioned in relation to the disappearance but no one was charged.

Royston Waldron was the prime suspect in Goodman’s case since she reportedly shared a relationship with him. The man was recently shot and killed by Police during an attempted robbery. Waldron was also the main suspect in another disappearance of Police Constable Patriena Nicholson with whom he shared a relationship. Unlike the Goodman case, her body was never found.




  1. It seems that this case is going nowhere else beginning with the demise of the prime suspect.
    Sad, Sad, Sad!
    Certainly NOT the type of closure any parent would want.


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