DNA test confirms charred remains found in Berbice is missing Canadian man



Dead: Nicholas Ramkissoon Jaipaul

Police have confirmed that the charred remains that were discovered at Moleson Cree back in August is that of 23-year-old Canadian citizen Nicholas Ramkissoon Jaipaul.

Crime Chief Wendel Blanhum told this publication during a telephone interview that the results from the DNA samples that were sent to the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory were recently returned to him.

Reports are that the young man was abducted, strangled to death and his body burnt among tyres.

Jaipaul had arrived in Guyana in March and was slated to return Canada in May but was unable to do so due to the closure of airports amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, he remained with his 86-year-old grandfather, Ramkissoon Jaipaul.

The pensioner had reported that the last time he saw his grandson was just before he retired to bed on the evening of August 16. This was during the countrywide power outage.

The elderly man explained that he got out of bed and lit two lamps – one of which he gave to his grandson, and he returned to bed. However, the following morning he realised that his grandson was missing.

The elderly man revealed that he received a telephone call that morning and the caller claimed that he had kidnapped his grandson and was demanding a ransom of $50 million.

It was reported that the young man was murdered as revenge against his grandfather in relation to a court matter over rice lands.

The alleged mastermind Monasar Beharry, called “Brickhead,” reportedly contracted the son of one of the maids who worked with the pensioner to execute the murder of his grandson.

On August 28, 2020 Beharry, along with his alleged accomplices, Aszim Shivgobin called “Blackie” and Charran Shedhan called “Vickey,” were charged for Jaipaul’s murder.