DJ charged with noise nuisance, resisting arrest


DSC05218[]Thirty – two – year old Stephan Persaud of Houston, East Bank Demerara appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman charged with noise nuisance and resisting arrest.

Persaud, who told the court that he is a DJ pleaded guilty to both charges which read that on September 22 at his home, he played loud and continuous music to the annoyance of his neighbours.

It is also alleged that after a report was made to the Agricola police outpost, an officer was sent to arrest Persaud after which he resisted. The court heard that a report was made at the Agricola Police Outpost by Ann Hinds of Houston Back Street against the accused.

According to the allegations, Lance Corporal Mc Kenzie went to the accused home and discovered that he was in fact playing loud music. According to reports, the rank told the accused about the offence committed and attempted to arrest him after which the accused pushed away the officer and told him that he cannot take him to the station.

The court also heard that Persaud was previously found guilty for a similar offence at the Providence Magistrate’s court. Without much deliberation the Magistrate fined the accused $20,000 for resisting arrest and $14,000 for the noise nuisance charge. [Royan Abrams]



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