DJ Bravo encourages fans to remain positive during COVID-19 ordeal


Dwayne Bravo, while doing his best to assist in the fight against COVID-19 by staying indoors, is also looking to keep his fans engaged and positive throughout the ordeal.

According to CWI, while catching up with CWI via an Instagram live conversation with Senior Men’s Team Media Officer, Dario Barthley, the Champion was in good spirits as usual. He updated the Maroon fans on his quarantine routine, which is mostly filled with exercise and music making and he also answered some questions from the fans.

One of the questions, which got a lot of attention during the session, was a prompt for Bravo to name his all-time West Indies playing XI. He opted to place the players into an ODI team and revealed an interesting selection, displayed in the graphic below.

Bravo’s music has been a staple amongst the international cricketing community in recent years. This is highlighted by the prominence of his song, “Champion”, which coincided with the West Indies’ 2016 T20 world championship. When asked, he described it as his favorite song ever.

His newest single, titled “We Not Giving Up”, is currently making the international rounds and is a statement about the strength of the people of the world in regards to the ongoing pandemic. According to Bravo, “My music is always made with the world in mind. I want every person that hears this song, to be able to pick up on the melody and words as quickly as possible, so that we can all sing together.”

Bravo gave the fans an exclusive live performance of the single.