Diwali Greetings – messages from PPP, PNC/R, IAC






The Indian Action Committee (IAC)

The  IAC wishes all Guyanese a happy and prosperous Diwali, May the Goddess of light brighten your every path of life.

Join us on this auspicious eye opening journey to extinguish the darkness of various social injustices, such as crime, discrimination, victimization, marginalization, spousal abuse, child abuse, alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide, all of which are causing much evil to befall the population.

Let your inner light prevail by removing all forms of darkness (ignorance) from your life.

Shubh Diwali!

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R)

The PNC/R  extends greetings, best wishes and Divine blessings to our Hindi Community as well as to Guyanese generally on the National Holiday “Deepavali”.  This religious festival is unique in its spiritual context and significance, which it holds for our nation.

As the rows of Diyas are lit, it is time to focus on changing the lives of all Guyanese for the better.  Falling standards and moral decay must be arrested in order to bring our nation to a level acceptable to the world and to Heaven.

On this occasion it is hoped that the lighted Diyas will usher in light, love, unity, prosperity and happiness to all Guyanese especially the underprivileged.

Let Deepavali this year, be a time of deep reflection, and the making of a solemn resolve to bring our nation out of the darkness into the light.

A Joyous and Happy Deepavali to all Guyanese!

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP)

The PPP extends Diwali Greetings to all Guyanese more particularly our Hindu brothers and sisters.

Diwali which is known as the Festival of Lights is symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. This is indeed a message that resonates with humanity throughout the world especially where there exists social and economic injustice and the suppression of the fundamental human rights.

The PPP fully embraces the message and symbolism of Diwali and takes this opportunity to assure all Guyanese that the darkness which now pervade this land will be replaced by a more enlighten dispensation, one in which the full creativity and the expressed will of all Guyanese will prevail.

Once again Happy Diwali Greetings to one and all.


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