Displeased PNC supporters rip off locks from Linden Office; Granger says intruders will be dealt with

PNCR's Linden Office. [Guyana Chronicle Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The conflict within the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Linden faction escalated yesterday (January 08) when displeased supporters broke off the locks of a newly installed steel door at the Party’s Linden Office.

As a result of the refusal by APNU Parliamentarian, Vanessa Kissoon to hand over the keys to the building, newly appointed Party Coordinator, Sandra Adams installed the steel door.

However, this decision was not met with much satisfaction from some PNC supporters within the community, who took matters into their own hands and broke the locks. Adams was not present at the time of the incident.

General Secretary of the PNCR, Oscar Clarke told iNews during a telephone interview today that the matter is engaging the attention of the Police, since it is not clear as to exactly who broke the locks.

Clarke explained that Kissoon never handed over the keys to the building to him even though she was instructed to do so since last year.

“They are saying as long as Ms Sandra Adams is there, the keys won’t be handed over,” the frustrated Clarke told iNews.

He believes that the few displeased PNC supporters are using the opportunity to put pressure on the Party.

“These are some people who are using the political opportunity of knowing that elections around the corner of putting pressure on the Party Executive,” the General Secretary said.

PNCR's Linden Office. [Guyana Chronicle Photo]
PNCR’s Linden Office. [Guyana Chronicle Photo]
Clarke said that as far as he is aware, Kissoon is still in possession of the keys.

“Why they are holding on to this office and make it center piece of controversy is strange to me.”

The General Secretary noted that the Party hopes to find an early resolution to the issue, given the fact that is in an internal matter.

Meanwhile, PNCR’s Leader, David Granger during an invited comment to iNews made to clear that the building belongs to the Party and that intruders will be dealt with.

“There might have been some intrusion… any intruders will be dealt with according to the constitution,” Granger said.

Kissoon had accused Clarke of assaulting her on June 20, 2014 at the PNCR’s Congress Place Headquarters, Sophia when he asked her for the key to the Party’s Region 10 Office.

She was subsequently suspended from the Party by Granger and remains on suspension.




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