Disorderly ‘drunken’ customer shot by bar owner


A popular bar owner of Silvertown Wismar Linden, Region Ten was arrested after he allegedly shot a mason who was acting in a disorderly manner in the wee hours of Monday. The injured man has been identified as George Daniels, 33, of Section ‘O’ Industrial Area, Mackenzie Linden.

Based on information received, the injured man was at the suspect’s business place imbibing when he started to behave in a disorderly manner. He reportedly threw down several chairs in the bar to the ground.

Soon after, the businessman arrived at the bar and confronted the victim which led to an argument. During the spat, the businessman reportedly pulled out his licensed firearm and discharged several rounds in the direction of the victim, one of which caught him on his right palm.

The victim made his way to the Linden Hospital Complex where he informed that of what took place. In turn, the hospital informed that police of the incident.

The injured man was treated by a doctor and was admitted a patient for observation as he is highly under the influence of alcohol. He later took self-discharge and returned to the businessman’s premises where he continued to behave in a disorderly manner. He was arrested and is assisting with investigations.

On the other hand, the businessman was also arrested and his firearm was confiscated until the end of the investigation.



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