Dismissed pregnant constabularies to be reinstated


By Jomo Paul

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green.
Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – City Mayor Hamilton Green says that the two city constabulary officers that were recently dismissed after they became pregnant would be reinstated by Wednesday, August 05.

Green, in an interview with iNews, indicated that the reinstatement of the two women would be “favourably considered” by Chief Constabulary Officer Andrew Foo and the city council.

“The matter is set to be reviewed and be adjusted by the morning….it will be favourably reconsidered by the Chief Constable over the next couple of hours,” said Green.

The two women, according to media reports, were dismissed by Foo after they were found to be pregnant.

Reports indicate that as a policy, female constabularies are asked not to become pregnant during the first two years of their employment, since such is considered to be probationary period and would be against the by laws that govern the constabulary.

Foo is quoted in the Stabroek News as saying “becoming pregnant would seriously limit their ability to function but if they do become pregnant they have the option of resigning and at the end of their maternity once their performance has been good, they can return to the constabulary.”

On Tuesday, Commissioner on the Women and Gender Equality Commission, Nicole Cole was joined by political activist and Leader of the Independent Party, Mark Benschop as they protested the dismissal of the two workers.

“This policy smacks of discrimination all the way from the colonial days and we are calling for a review of the case and to reinstate the women. How are they going to get jobs?…to have such a policy violates the human rights,” said Cole.

She said the draconian law is unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of women.



  1. While vacationing in Guyana earlier this year I met and interacted with Chief Constable Foo and am greatly disappointed in the acction he took against the female constables. I am sure that he now regrets his action.The city constabulary is a municipal police force. Those of you who have travelled to the United States, Canada or England would understand that there is parallel construct between the Georgetown City Constabulary, Toronto Police and London Metropolitan Forces. Each is constituted or empowered by their respective municapility to protect property and limit civil disorder within their city limits or jurisdiction. It is morally and legally reprehensible to limit the functionality of the Georgetown city police officers/ constables to markets. What would New Yorkers, Londoners or Toronto residents do if the Mayor of these cities limit their functionality? This was not the case when Supt Edmonds was the officer in charge sometime in the early sixties. Mayor Green rename the “Constabulary” “Georgetown City Police” and watch your revenue stream increase throuigh enhanced prosecutions for crimes within the city limit.

  2. What about those female students who were studying in Cuba. A similar code of conduct was in place under Westford the alleged government vehicle clepto. Some girls actually had to return to Guyana and abandon thier studies because they became pregnant. These girls missed out on a bright future because of this. Where were all these defenders of women’s rights when this was happening. They were no where to be found. Can these girls seek redress now that a more caring administration is in place? One would like to know.

  3. Thank you Mr.Mayor. This law should be placed in the garbage and canned. It clearly discriminates against women. It is barbarous to think in the 21 century a pregnancy would result in the loss of a job. What about reassignment to a less strenuous or dangerous position. What is the difference two years from now in terms of them keeping their jobs. In two years they would be more hardy. This is an asinine policy that does not belong on the books.


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