Dismissal of GuySuCo’s CEO is unfair – Fmr Agriculture Minister

Former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy

By Jomo Paul

Former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy
Former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy has decried the recent firing of the Guyana Sugar Company (GuySuCo) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rajendra Singh by the APNU+AFC government.

Dr Raj Singh was asked by Agriculture Minister Noel Holder to resign with immediate effect on Wednesday June 03, following a directive issued at a recent a cabinet meeting.

The CEO’s dismissal was accompanied with the Board of Directors of the state company being asked to step down from their posts. Days before he was fired, the CEO had informed the Unions that GuySuCo could not afford to pay the employees and that the sugar industry will have to close its doors.

Former Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Dr. Raj Singh
Former Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Dr. Raj Singh

But Ramsammy does not believe that Dr Singh’s dismissal was fair contending that the APNU+AFC should have awaited the results of the Commission of Inquiry into the sugar industry before making such a decision.

“I thought that the new government had said there would be an audit, I would have thought they would have waited for the results of the audit before they act,” said Ramsammy adding “I think that the hasty removal of the CEO is unfair.”

The Former Agriculture Minister opined that since Dr Singh took up the mantle as CEO, the Sugar Company has seen improvement with respect to reaching targets. However, it should be noted that the recent production targets for GuySuCo have constantly been revised downwards and the company failed to reach its last target.

“We have had higher production since he took over…it’s not that the problems have disappeared…at least we have stabilized the situation,” said the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member.

Further, in a blog post, Dr Ramsammy states that the recent dismissals are a clear cut case of witch hunting, something which the APNU+AFC government had promised they would not undertake.

“None of us should condone the present wanton dismissals that are happening while at the same time insisting that there is no political with hunting. There is a vicious political witch hunting and it must stop. Those of us who would want to defend the present situation should know that this is not what real democracy is about. Any political Party deserving of serving as a government cannot be a political party that would dismiss people simply because they are known to or suspected of being supporters of another political party,” said Dr Ramsammy.


  1. I believe,this is the reason why they call you LOONEY,You do not have the capacity or intelligence to LECTURE to this COALITION Leslie.When your government paid this man Singh who knows nothing about the manufacturing of sugar, US $25,000 per Month as CEO,you didn`t realize that this was wasting and squandering TAXPAYERS DOLLARS?This is a NEW and SMART administration and it is its democratic right to make changes or not.HOW FAIR ARE YOU?

  2. OH come on! Witch hunt my foot! this type of negligence is criminal and definitely not in the interest of the country. Its not about political affiliation or witch hunting but these people’s role as incompetent corrupt individuals is the reason for dismissal. I guess you wouldn’t see it as fair, since you are a BIG bandit that claims innocence.

  3. I don’t think these people (like Raj Singh) who jump on political band wagons realize that they cant have it both ways. Apart from Raj Singh, the Guyoil guy, the GNEA guy and most if not all permanent secretaries should be removed asap.

    One should remember the Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Works who was a former Auditor General. He covered up the Lumumba Dolphin scandal and was rewarded with the PS position.

    All persons who were appointed to senior and/or strategic position in the previous administration, because they have family and friends in “high places” should do the honorable thing and resign from office.
    However the Coalition Government should realize that they are dealing with dishonorable beings that need to be ruthlessly evicted.

  4. Ramsammy, you, your PPP Colleagues and all other “friends” put into positions of power and influence without the intelligence, Subject knowledge, experience and business Acumem have run the county into the ground…In your warped and twisted mind, you may think this administration is taking on the role of “Witch-finder General” but believe me, they are only clearing up all of your 23 yr mess to bring this country to where it should be almost 50 years after independence….Just look at Singapore (if you can find it on a map)…

  5. Jagdeo said he had tapes of PNC officials colluding with Buxton criminals (recorded by Roger Khan?) and he would produce them. Why didn’t your so-called President, the most corrupt ever in the Caribbean, produce the tapes? Hmmm!

  6. Ramsammy why dont you kkep your mouth close indicating that you have nothing to day rather than open your mouth and give evidence of the fact in a corrupt way.
    Production has risen under Raj Sing – typical clownism what has been the cost of production under Raj Singh with the so called increase in production.
    Raj is a political appointee and has no remoRse at been one for the PPP.
    The audit would send him to jail i believe so that this may be a saving grace of raj.
    He needs to say how many days rather weeks he has been off the job and who was acting for him.
    Why he has two op vehicle assigned to him?
    What did it cost him to renovate the ce house and is it completed?
    How many weeks he has been on campaign work in the US while employed as GuYsuco CE.
    Ramsammy is not making it better for Raj Singh.
    What was more ridiculous is the naming of Hanoman and Bhim as members of an interim management committee.
    Ramsammy should have commented on that and tell the public why is it the PPp fired Hanoman and never confirmed Bhim as CE.
    Ramsammy sir you are making it worse for Raj if you were a good friend to Raj u should have told him since the PPP lost the election that resign was his only option.
    That is a clear case that Raj belongs to the circus rather than sugar, Then again what can i say Hanoman and Bhim same frailites and failed manager. Neither made an imoression on sugar cost and production.

  7. What in heavens these folks want APNU+AFC to do. This is contempt beyond believe. Gross incompetence with reckless disregard for the citizens and government and with no accountability must be an acceptable norm for all of PPP appointed peoples. This is the national wealth and treasures. Accountability is very important.

    The PPP want APNU+AFC to keep their people in office so that they destroy the economy and make the government a failure. This is accepted practice for them.

    We have cops who torture! Keep them in the police force. we have people who steal the national wealth keep them employed.

    Where is the decency. The PPP will enrage the entire Guyanese people and their wrath will turn on them. The PPP have now become the untouchables. They are dangerously pushing the envelope. They are outraging all guyanese and the international community sense of decency and justice and they don’t care. They are accountable to no one. They are above the law and will do anything and say anything. They are the Taliban of the Caribbean and Latin America.

    These folks are dangerous and a treat to the development and stability of Guyana and the Caribbean. Who in CARICOM, the Caribbean and the international community will want to work with these folks whose ideology is so abnormal and outrageous. These folks are not decent human beings who want to live within a community of nation states. Where is this venom, arrogance and ignorance coming from? It is simple evil and they will destroy themselves with it.

    The international community will not accept this level of bellicose behavior. They are serious deviants to civil society.

  8. Ramsammy do you think the Guyanese people are idiots like yourself, from day one all those incompetent board of directors should of been fired, they and the PPP has suck the blood of the Guyanese tax payers, to hell with your comments, surely, you will be next on the chopping block for your association with Roger Khan.

  9. How well you remember all of this. How come you don’t remember the Basil and Felix tapes and why your so called president didn’t testify in the Walter coi? Hmmm.

  10. to add to that statement the pumps or components are still lying in the contractor’s yard in Strasphey east coast demerara, any driver can see them while passing. The contractor have received most of the payment for installation.

  11. uncle ramsammy please check and see if your pacemaker is malfunction, thus triggering some metal problems.

  12. REALLY? How do you explain, not being able to pay their workers, while I am sure the CEO got his salary. And where is the 154 million dollars that suddenly disappeared? You are the former Agriculture Minister, you are an ordinary citizen, and even though you’re entitled to an opinion, you should be ashamed to have one about this matter. Every one of you FORMER THIS & THAT, who are criticizing the current Administration, are somehow connected to the corruption, thieving, fleecing, conning, lying and bribing that went on for 23 years. Your FEAR is showing, but it’s time for the truth to be exposed.

  13. For a guy who should be arrested and investigated for his knowledge of the death of Ronald Waddell after receiving a phone call from Roger Khan the night of the assassination, and who improperly used his ministry’s letter head to import a spy equipment for Khan to use, Leslie Ramsamny is giving his mouth a liberty.
    He alleged the major oil find by ExxonMobil was announced to coincide with the Opposition coalition’s win, and now this? He could be an informative guest of the state on the Phantom Squad era!

  14. Leslie!Different strokes for different folks!Maybe you all should not have promised him ,the earth and the moon ,for doing what ,increasing the direct subvention from the government(read taxpayers dollars),for Guysuco.Not even the Cubans,Russians,or Chinese would tolerate such incompetence and they were once your allie’s.

  15. the question for ramsammy is; if you were the owner of guysuco or any other company, would you have continued with raj singh and the board of directors despite the company failing to meet its production target although dramatically revised and lowered year after year?

    would you ramsammy tolerate the ceo of your company to declare that your company cannot meet its obligation of paying your workers and failing to pay your suppliers and to crown it off tell you that you will have to shut your company down?

    the answers to my questions is hell no and what you have come out here with is pure political nonsense on the heels of your other stupid statements such as; exxonmobile and the international community rigged the elections in favor of the opposition coalition.

    also, raj singh disqualified himself from guysuco the moment he began campaigning for the ppp and found himself on the party’s list of candidates. enough of fooling the indo-guyanese that these firings are a witch-hunt because they are seeing for themselves that a bunch of scamps and crooks make up the ppp party’s hierarchy.

    the new administration hasn’t gone far enough yet and the country is waiting patiently to see when some people will start going to jail!


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