Disciplinary action should be taken against Clifton Hicken – Opposition Leader

Commander of 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken.


By Fareeza Haniff

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader, David Granger believes that Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken should face some amount of internal discipline following his statement that the way women dress could encourage men to rape them.

The Opposition Leader told iNews that Hicken is a Senior Officer and is in command of the most populace division of Guyana and “it is certainly a reckless and irresponsible statement for him to make.”

According to Granger, “I would expect that there will be some internal disciplinary procedure and perhaps he can be given a posting which does not require more statesmanship or more careful and prudent behaviour.”

The Opposition Leader pointed out that Hicken’s remarks are offensive to women and victims of rape.

“I would expect that the Police would at the minimum put him in a position where he does not have the opportunity to make such reckless remarks in the future. But certainly Commader of the ‘A’ Division is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Granger told iNews.

Women Rights Group, Red Thread has also come out in condemnation of Hicken’s statement, calling on him to withdraw it.

However, the Commander has since defended his statement, saying that it was taken out of context.

Hicken at a news conference on Monday, November 17 cautioned women not to dress in a manner that encourages this illegal act that has claimed the lives of a few victims.

Commander of the 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken. [iNews' Photo]
Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken. [iNews’ Photo]
“While we try to prevent somebody from committing the offence we must ensure that we do not create an atmosphere for it to happen,” he said; adding that “and that is why we advocate for young females within a certain age group who are vulnerable, between 13 – 18, to always embrace an attire that is accepted morally.”

He said women and girls must ensure they do not dress in any manner that “plays into the agenda” of a rapist.



  1. I think that people in general should have some sort of moral in the way they dress,really it will not stop the act commited by these culprit but will definitely reduced the amount of cases we have in the country.So i kind of understand the text in which Mr Hicken is expressing himself and i will second you on that point and for you Mr Granger i support you on many instances but dont be small minded, i wouldnt say you but i will include myself and say that we should be looking at more important issue that is facing our fellow guyanese .

  2. I am a woman and I support your take on this matter. I heard the Commander’s entire speech and I understand and support what he said. However, morally bankrupt people wouldn’t get it.

  3. Will Granger be wearing the lipstick?
    And may i suggest you wear a thong.
    I am sure Commander Hicken will have no problem having the Holy Bible by his side to ward off any evil influence which can emanate.

  4. WE all know exactly what’s going on here! MR. Hicken is one NO NONSENSE police officer. Many public servants and protesters know that if they break the law, they will face the consequence. Granger should not be afraid of the police, he needs to be afraid of the law. Let the law enforcers do their job! furthermore Granger is not the minister of home affairs. Granger should first tell us about those big, big guns he gave those bandits to do break and enter with when he was in power in the army. WE still remember Granger and Harmon booths that used to kick down our doors. If ever Mr. Hicken break the law, I will be one the first, to speak out against him. So let the man serve his country.

  5. Granger, I’m a PPP girl. And it made me sick to see jagdeo treating his wife in front of the nation ad no one did anything. I am DISAPPOINTED that ramotar didnt say a word. You are right, Mr. Granger. Thanks for that. LET’S PUT ON SOME LIPSTICK AND A TIGHT DRESS AND HEELS AND DROP THIS IDIOT AT THE CATHEDRAL AT NIGHT. Talking such stupidity about women… I’m sur this gotta be that he dont wat any competition

  6. Some people say Commander Hicken is right! i guess these people are from the 70’s…60’s…50’s or wayyyy back. I can Elaborate more but i chose not; lets just say “LOOK AROUND” its 2014. Culture has changed alot and it will continue to change and you cant do anything about it! In conclusion please read below:-

    Why do men rape women (Rape psychology)
    Each human behavior doesn’t map to a single psychological need but instead the same behaviour could appear because of many different psychological needs. In other words 10 rapers could rape for 10 different reasons. Below are some of the most common psychological drives behind rape:

    Dealing with rejection: What does rejection has to do with rape? one of the reasons a man could rape a woman is to make up for the rejection he felt earlier by the opposite sex. By overpowering someone from the opposite sex the man can feel relieved of the shame of rejection. You might be wondering why a man who was rejected by a woman rapes another one but when you know that the subconscious mind believes that people who share certain similarities are the same person then everything will become clear. You might fall in love with a woman just because she looks like a woman you loved before and the same goes for rape. A man can rape a woman just because she resembles a woman who rejected him earlier.

    Feeling superior to women: All men want to feel superior to women but some of them fall prey to low self confidence issues which forces them to believe that they are inferior to women. In such a case the shame becomes unbearable and those men start to find another way to feel superior. Sane men will usually find a healthy path to gain superiority such as building self confidence or succeeding in life while other men who are too scared to do this might start taking a short cut,which is raping women, to feel superior.

    Expression of power: The media teaches people indirectly that men are superior to women because of their ability to dominate them sexually. Because of these advertised beliefs some men start to seek that kind of domination in order to feel more manly. In other words some men rape women in order to assert their manhood especially if they had doubts about their own masculinity (see also How psychological identities affect behaviour).

    Revenge: Some men rape women in order to take revenge from that specific woman, from a woman who resembles her or from women in general. Lets suppose that a man had a very tough boss who happened to be a woman. In such a case that man will feel ashamed because his manhood is threatened by a woman and as a result he might feel like wanting to rape a woman who resembles her in order to feel good (see also How your past affects your present). Some people wonder why do some men rape old women who are above 60 or even 70 but when they know that the raper picks a target who resembles someone he already knows then the mystery will disappear.

    Compensation: some men don’t have a good social life and aren’t any lucky when it comes to dating. Those men are put under pressure by their peers and as a result they start to experience shame. Some of those men start to become rapers in order to compensate for the lack of intimacy in their social lives

    Regaining control: In my previous article The psephology of control freaks i explained how people who lack control over their own lives try to exert control over the less powerful ones they know. If a man felt he is not in control of his life and he wasn’t brave enough to regain that control in a socially acceptable way then he might become a raper just to overpower a helpless victim and so feel in control

    Nothing about dressing up there.

  7. The MAJORITY of women who are raped DO NOT dress is a provocative way. Think of all the little girls who are raped.

  8. first pnc wanted rohee head..
    second they wanted ramotar head
    since linden they wanted hick head but got beaten
    now pnc trying for hic head again
    why? because the hivk man dont dance to pnc tune?

  9. Commander Hicken called the SPADE!
    People how can we mold and build a top class society when we entertain lewdness?
    How can we defend music with rotten lyrics?
    How can we defend exposure in public by displaying the crack of the a#s.
    When will spineless, gutless forces wake up?
    You have rappers music and its lyrics of crap.
    You have lewd dancing of crap
    You have dressing of crap
    Your rape statistic is crap
    Your murder rate is crap.
    STOP WHINING on people who wants to change things for the better.
    Do not beat them,offer the solutions.
    Can Mr Granger tell me if it is OK to display and disrespect our bodies, let alone disgrace our public image.
    I believe, if the consensus implies you cannot or will not enter a place of worship with your mode dress, Commander Hicken is right!

  10. While I don’t believe that his intent was to say that the dress styles of women cause rape or offend anyone I fi the remarks attributed to him to be insensitive and in bad taste!
    I understand that he is reasonably competent in the discharge of his duties and has a decent track record during his career.
    I’m waiting with bated breath to see/hear how his “boss” (The current Minister of Home Affairs) would handle it!

  11. Come on Mr. Granger. Leave Mr. Hickens alone now. Read the Press Release from the GPF and take it for what it’s worth. You have bigger issues to address. You don’t need this to get support from our wonderful women. The GPF needs MATERIEL to function. The Judicial and penal systems must send a strong message to Rapist simultaneously.

  12. This is ridiculous! Commander Hicken’s statement should be taken in proper context. Though we understand that men are the ones that should not commit rape, women should also protect themselves at all times. There are lots of irresponsible men in society and it is a huge problem to deal with. However, it doesn’t mean to say that only men we should talk to, but also some women who directly or indirectly put themselves in situations or places where these things can happen. The Commander is simply using his experience as a police officer to educate our women so they can protect themselves. He would know of some of the reasons, and I am sure one of it is because of how some of our women dress in public. This is not to say a women can’t wear this or wear that. She is free to wear whatever she wants and she should be free without fear of rape. However, that is not the case with so many irresponsible men around. Hence, I would advice women to dress responsibly. Women, don’t take the Commander’s statement as an offense, but rather see it constructively and heed his advice. Protect yourselves!

    I denounce the opposition for this cheap politicking.

  13. When will the opposition and the government put the nation first
    You guys are still living excellent off of the nation’s taxes


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