Digicel turns sod for Special Needs School in Linden



unnamed (1)[www.inewsguyana.com] – A new special needs school will be erected in Linden that caters for students with special needs. This rehabilitation center will be fully equipped with all the latest technology to facilitate therapy for differently abled children.

The initiative began with a visit to the special needs and low vision schools in Linden, but quickly became a full fledged project when Chairman of Digicel, Denis O’Brien gave his blessings to begin construction of the building for this cause.

At yesterday’s event, Digicel’s Head of Marketing, Jacqeline James noted that the school will be equipped to deal with students who are visually and physically impaired and children with cognitive disorders.

“We are ensuring that state of the art equipment, computers, visual aids and training for teachers are included in this project this is just as high on the agenda as the building,” she added.

Present at the event were several officials from the Ministry of Education,including Chief Planning Officer, Evelyn Hamilton and Fayanne Tappin-Benn from the Regional Education office region 10. 

In attendance also were Sharma Solomon, Regional Chairman and Orin Gordon, Chairman of the Linden IMC.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Hamilton noted that special needs has been on the agenda for quite some time, while steps have been made to address this.

“We need corporate Guyana to assist with initiatives like this and today Digicel is showing their capacity and ensuring their corporate social responsibility is realised in a very significant way in Linden today, the Ministry of Education is elated to be on board with this project and thanks Digicel for making this a reality.”

Last November, Digicel completed the multi-million dollar Mahaica Children’s Home and more recently refurbished the children’s home in Hararuni on the Linden Highway.


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