Diamond Housing Scheme residents complain of water woes


Residents living in the New Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) are complaining bitterly that over the past few days the water well in their area has encountered difficulties and is non-functional.

Scores of those affected are openly crying out that although the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has provided trucks/ canters to provide a ration of water supply to households the quantity being supplied is not enough for families.

gwiSome families are being forced to purchase water from other sources and many persons have no choice but to fill buckets or small drums with water from wherever they can obtain this necessity and transport it back to their homes.

However, for a lucky few, they receive water from the well located in the Old Grove Housing Scheme, so they are not being affected.

Many residents located in the New Diamond Housing Scheme are unsure as to when the well in their village will be “fixed and functional” and they are hoping that this problem is rectified immediately.

When contacted today, an official of the GWI’s Public Relations Office said that the company’s engineers are presently working to ensure that the well in question is repaired and functional within the next two to three weeks, and in the interim it will continue to provide water to affected residents in the area.




  1. wow is u all vote for new change so is the new change in the system for you all not to get water?well done after the 1st year in power ha ha i love it


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